Official News 24.10.2017 Quitting a Hateful Job: 4 Recommendations

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    The MMM Mutual Aid Community is building a just world where anyone may find their happy ever-after. Its members help each other financially and are paid a high percentage of the help provided.

    With these conditions, people have a chance to provide for their families, quit their hateful jobs and do something they love. However, some people are so used to the hateful jobs they have, they are scared to quit.

    You might find these recommendations useful if you plan to change careers
    • Don't worry about not finding a job. The problem of unemployment does exist — especially in the times of crisis. However, the high unemployment rate doesn't mean a complete lack of job openings. You would have to spend more time to find an employment, but you can find a job if you want to, even in a severe financial crisis.
    • Decide what you love doing.It would be silly to quit a hateful job for the sake of another occupation you find no interest in. First decide precisely what you want to be, then start looking for a fitting occupation. Don't say yes to proposals you're not comfortable with, even if you're offered a good salary. Remember that work must be a pleasure!
    • Believe in yourself. Confidence of success is an important factor. Rest assured that you can develop all the skills required for the job and handle new responsibilities. A human being can learn to do anything if they really want to.
    • Before you change careers, create a “safety cushion” with the help of MMM. To be able to quit your job without being scared, save up some money and put it aside somewhere safe. This way, you'll be able to find a new job at your own pace, won't have to be in a hurry and feel nervous about suddenly running out of cash.
    The MMM Community is your chance to provide for yourself financially and to do the job you love. Take this chance to change your life. Your job must be a pleasure to make you really happy!

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    People often grow so accustomed to their job, they are scared to quit even if they hate it deeply. However, a job must be fun, not agony. Read here how you can prepare for quitting a job.
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