Official News 24.11.2017 Altcoin: what it stands for and whether you should buy it

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    There are two ways to participate in MMM: using traditional money and cryptocurrency. We recommend you to use the second way, since it is safer, faster and more profitable.

    Except for Bitcoin there are many varieties of digital money on the cryptocurrency market: Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Dash, and so on. A complete list can be easily found on the Web.

    What altcoins stand for

    Altcoins or alternative coins were founded and have still been created on the wave of Bitcoin’s success. In addition, developers introduce something new into them, striving to upgrade operation algorithm and improve features. Most altcoins are created to develop general decentralised financial relationships quickly and implement the cryptocurrencies in common people’s lives.

    The overwhelming majority of altcoins is based on the Blockchain technology, as well as Bitcoin. However, they can be divided into several types based on the diversity of functions, hashing algorithm, transaction processing speed, and provision of protection methods. In fact, altcoins are new Bitcoin versions modernized in various aspects: a transaction is carried out faster, fees are lower, and etc.

    Though, despite the variety of the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin remains a leader and most likely will continue to keep its position. At least in the near future. First of all due to its high popularity, yet the majority of people in habitual manner associate the word “cryptocurrency” exactly with Bitcoin.

    Altcoins as an investment medium

    Despite the Bitcoin’s popularity, many investors willingly put their money in altcoins too. To their opinion altcoins are based on the same platform as Bitcoin, but still have some unique characteristics. In other words, they have certain potential that may bring benefits in the future.

    Is it logical? Yes, it is. Risky? And yes again, but there can be risks in any venture - no matter which way you look at it. However, the perspective of such investment is simply huge, so the risks are entirely justified.

    A lot of altcoins have a perspective to markedly grow in price subsequent to Bitcoin. The very same Litecoin and Ethereum have cost several cents in the beginning, and now - thousand times more, and they still remain perspective.

    Many investors operate at once with several altcoins and Bitcoin, adhering to the investing rule “not putting all eggs in one basket”. Such approach has a rational kernel, therefore it is often practised by experienced investors.

    In conclusion, we will say that at competent approach to the cryptocurrency investments, you may always stay net positive and make considerable capital. The main thing to act sensibly. When you use cryptocurrency participating in MMM, you get much more, even though the cryptocurrency price doesn’t grow.

    Therefore, we advise you - participate in MMM, get high interest rate of your Provide Help sum, support progressive cryptocurrencies and be happy. :))
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