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    Why should we live a healthy lifestyle

    MMM unites people around the world. Participants help each other, get 30% per month of the amount of provided help and become kinder and more positive. We are building a new world in which everyone will live happily ever after. However, if you are going to change the world, it is important to start with yourself!

    The air is polluted and the food we eat contains substances of a dubious quality. Smoking and alcohol weaken the body even more. As a result, we live a little and always have a bad mood. Each of us needs to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    7 reasons to live a healthy lifestyle
    1. Live 10-20 years longer. People who play sports and refuse bad habits, live longer. Why not prolong a happy life for a few wonderful years?
    2. Fall ill 2 times less. Healthy lifestyle strengthens the immune system, so you stop going to the hospital after a walk in the windy weather or after travelling by public transport..
    3. You look beautiful and young. If you live a healthy life, being 60 years old you will look much younger than your peers who do not exercise, drink alcohol and smoke.
    4. You feel vivacity, energy and positive. Healthy food nourishes body with the right nutrients, and physical activity produce endorphins — hormones of happiness. You will forget about depression and stress.
    5. Be an example for others. You are building a new world in which everyone will be happy and healthy. Doing sports, you change the world, starting with yourself. Other people, especially the younger generation, will follow your example.
    6. Save money. Gym membership and healthy food are much cheaper than the cost of treatment of numerous diseases.
    7. Pleased with yourself. Healthy lifestyle makes you more confident and happy with your achievements. You understand that you do not sit idle and change the world with your own hands!
    Participate in MMM and live a healthy lifestyle — live a long and happy life! And don't forget to share photos of your achievements on social networks. Together we will change the world! ;-))

    Start a healthy lifestyle now! Show how many push-ups you are able to do in one go, make a video and send it to your friends. Send them a challenge and ask them to repeat.

    Together with friends take part in PushUpChallenge3M (#pushupсhallenge3m, #3M俯卧撑挑战赛). Make the world better, starting with yourself!

    Take part in the Challenge3M! Become one of the first 100 participants who will give the challenge to others and get 200 Mavro! Don’t miss this opportunity!

    If you could not take part in the Challenge3M through your Personal Office, but still want to give challenge to your friends, then you can find this challenge in Weibo through the hashtags ( #pushupсhallenge3m, #3M俯卧撑挑战赛 ) and become a full participant of Challenge3M! Change the world for better together with MMM!
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