Official News 25.08.2017 10 Tips to Achieve Financial Success

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    Shadow accounts, tax evasion, obscure origin of capital are a usual thing for 80 % of the rich. But the MMM Community does not advocate for deceit — one can make a fortune by fair means. We've made up a list of 10 tips to help you achieve financial success.
    • Don't be afraid of anything. Fear makes you incapable of acting decisively. People live in poverty until their old age because they're afraid of making big decisions. “You must not be afraid of anything! Neither in this life, nor in the afterlife. Fear humiliates you. You lose yourself,” Sergey Mavrodi.
    • Don't be stressed if you get fired. Stability is not inherent to any employment: companies go bankrupt and close down, etc. As a result, millions are left jobless. Don't be afraid and don't lose heart — regard this as a chance to change your life.
    • Start a business. One's own business will produce the biggest profit, so start a company. Study the market, come up with ideas and save up for a startup capital.
    • Make sure you have multiple sources of income. Don't be limited to a single source of income. Try to have at least 2 areas that generate income, for example, a business and the MMM Community.
    • Make your money work for you. Don't just put it on a shelf. It must be saved up for a bigger goal that will increase your income in the future or it must be invested. MMM offers everyone a stable income — it's much more profitable than investing in a bank or shares.
    • Use the Internet wisely. You can make good money and open up new opportunities on the Internet. The web holds lots of useful and interesting things. Moreover, you can start a business or find a job on the Internet — for example, you can learn how to make web-sites, add content, etc.
    • Maximize your time. If you can do something in 2 hours, don't waste your whole day on it. Time is the most precious resource.
    • Don't be lazy. Lying in until lunch time, watching soap operas instead of doing work and gossiping in the evening is not something successful people do.
    • Put some money aside even when it's hard. Even in a dire financial situation, put some money aside from each source of income
    • Look for like-minded people. People that are around us affect us a lot. Hand out more with other MMM members who also strive to create a just world. It will help you stay positive and believe in yourself.
    Stick to these rules and you will achieve financial success. The MMM Community will be happy to help you with this!
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