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    Hello, dear participants! As usual, we wish each of you goodness and a positive mood! We want to say thank you for your loyalty to our Community. With you, MMM is growing actively and stably, we will never stop at that, and over time we will unite the whole world in MMM!

    Mutual help is a great power that enables us to provide a new happy life for each ordinary person. Remember that you are important for MMM, and the stability of the Community depends on you. Continue to provide help actively, invite newcomers and build new structures. Make your life brilliant, interesting and exciting!

    Now, as usual, we'd like to tell you about the last week events held by MMM in different countries. You will get to know a lot of interesting, and we hope it will encourage you to promote our Community even more actively. Let’s start!

    МММ and cryptocurrencies
    • The popularity of cryptocurrencies is always on the rise. The cryptocurrency trading can knock off shares trading of the largest global corporations from its pedestal. The renowned analyst and the founder of the American company Exante Data, Jens Nordvig declared: “Cryptocurrency trading volume is now more than of $3 billion per day on average, and will likely soon surpass that of the world’s most liquid stock: Apple ($4 billion per day)”.
    • As it was expected, the cryptocurrencies exchanges in China continue to shut down. 4 of the 17 Chinese exchange platforms have been closed down. Other trading platforms will be closed till the end of September. Some of them won’t function at all, and some will work abroad. We remind that only two Chinese exchanges continue the work in China -- OKCoin and Huobi, however they keep only crypto-to-crypto trading. Crypto-to-yuan selling/buying is possible on peer2peer platforms, for example LocalBitcoins or via bots in Telegram. Both options are easy and simple. You can find the detailed instructions in our cryptocurrency section. Enjoy it. :)). The Chinese regulatory authorities have declared that cryptocurrencies won’t be forbidden, and all taken measures are aimed against non-licensed exchanges. The MMM participants don’t do anything illegal, therefore there’s nothing for them to worry about.
    • Nowadays, cryptocurrencies continue to recover after the sharp decline, although with slight fluctuations. The decline started after the prohibition of ICO in China and shutdown of many Chinese cryptocurrency exchanges. Nevertheless, the situation has changed quickly, and the traders started to use popular p2p platforms such as LocalBitcoins that are not controlled by the government. For the moment, the cryptocurrencies market cap exceeds $137 bln, although in the period of panics it decreased to $100 bln. Therefore, cryptocurrencies proved once again their viability and independence from the governmental measures. Anyway, the cryptocurrency market is recovering and continues to strengthen its positions.
    • By the way, the trading volume on p2p platform for selling/buying Bitcoins LocalBitcoin, which we recommended to our participants, have increased by three times since the moment of the announcement about the closure of the Chinese exchanges.
    • Chinese Bitcoin traders have already moved to the Japanese market, and more than 50% of the total volume (+7%) remains there. Now, Japan has turned the largest Bitcoin market with 50.75% market share.
    • Finally, another piece of good news for cryptocurrencies followers. From August, 25 to September, 25, 15% of the MMM participants who used to transfer funds through banks earlier, started to provide and get help via cryptocurrencies. It is a very solid indicator as for one month. Our participants comprehend the convenience and advantages of the decentralized money. Probably, it is also related to our last innovation. We have added a lot of new cryptocurrencies making the participation in MMM more comfortable. Generally, we are pleased with these results. :))
    Below is a brief description of events in MMM countries
    Thank you for your warm words. We are happy we could help you. We wish you health and good life :))
    • MMM Peru continues to develop actively and gladden us with new achievements and creative way of thinking. Our leaders launched a new series of accessories with MMM logo -- white caps engraved with “MMM Peru” and medals on the bright bands engraved with MMM logo. The advertisement on the bottles with water is also impressive. It is beautiful and stylish. Well done, guys. Good job! ;-))
    • Everything is still stable in MMM Brazil. Our local guiders are very active as usual, and feel very pleased. These guys are so optimistic and encouraging. Last week, they recorded several new videos. Their stories about MMM Community are so emotional and convincing! Their video presentations are worthy of your attention. Obviously, the things are going very well. The optimistic mood is the key to the success. Keep it up, guys! ;-))
    • MMM Argentina prepares for the large-scale event that will surely have a positive influence on the development of the Community in this country. On October, 1 a large conference related to the participation in MMM and cryptocurrencies will be held in the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. The event was announced everywhere, everybody is invited including current participants and new potential MMM members. In our next weekly digest, we will tell you more about this event. Don’t miss it! :))
    • Last week, we got a lot of testimonials. It is really great. Particularly, we got a lot of active responses from Thailand, Myanmar, Zimbabwe and Indonesia. We are always pleased to get letters with gratitude and comprehend we are on the right way. Dear friends, we are really happy that you get help in our Community. Continue to participate in MMM actively -- your welfare will strengthen, and positive emotions will overfill you. Together we are changing the world! :))
    • Another seminar “How to become MMM Australia participant” was held in Australia. As you can understand, the event was held for people who didn’t hear about MMM. Our Australian guiders always carry out fundamental events telling the guests about all details of the system. You are doing a great job, guys! :))
    • Our guiders from MMM RSA have carried out several new offline events telling the guests about MMM advantages. They invited everyone to join the system and provide help. Therefore, our Community becomes stronger and more stable than ever. Thank you so much for taking care of MMM RSA development. Your help is extremely important for the whole Community!
    • A lot of offline events were held in MMM Kenya and MMM Ghana. Friendly football match was held between teenagers. We always support such events, they are as important as official meetings in the office as they help to establish trustworthy relations between different people. Thank you so much for your help and MMM promotion! :))
    • Our guiders from MMM Nigeria held the charity events for the pupils of the school in the village Ijomu Oro, state Kwara. The children got school supplies and felt very excited. Such kind deeds is what MMM participants should really do. Let’s make this world kinder and fairer! Our Nigerian leaders and active guiders from other countries help us to reach this goal. Thank you so much!
    • In MMM India, our guiders carried out a large conference aimed to discuss MMM promotion in the country. 100 guests assisted the meeting. The atmosphere was quite friendly -- a lot of jokes, fun and tasty food. That’s right, atmosphere in MMM is relevant. Our Community becomes stronger, and new members are willing to join us. Last week, MMM India showed excellent results. Well done! ;-))
    • The leaders from MMM Turkey launched a new Guiders School course. This is the 4th course in this country. Great! With qualified guiders, MMM will develop faster and more people will benefit from the system.:)) Last week, several cool offline events were held in Turkey. As usual, the meetings were carried out in a friendly atmosphere. We are so pleased to see smiling faces of young and goal-oriented people. We believe in you, guys!
    • We would like to finish with another piece of great news. We send our leaders to Egypt! The team of the experienced guiders from Kenya will visit this country in order to promote MMM. Finally, we will have one more country and much more new participants in our wonderful mutual aid Community. Impressive, isn’t it? That’s right! We will share more details and photos in our next digests!! ;-))
    The Best Testimonials

    This time we also want to share the best Testimonials from our members with you. These videos make us be proud of our multimillion mutual help Community. Enjoy watching the videos. ;-))

    To finish with

    As you can see, last week was very interesting and exciting. The life is pulsing, and our Community is getting stronger day after day. We express our gratitude to everyone who promotes the system. We invite everyone to join our Community as soon as possible. Remember that you are inalienable part of MMM and the success of our Community depends on you!

    Provide help more actively, tell your friends and acquaintances about us. Almost each of you can hold an offline event, even at home if you can’t find another place for that. It won’t be difficult, however you will make your own contribution in the promotion of MMM, even if you invite several newcomers. We appreciate each participant!

    At the same time, you will also get benefits -- excellent referral and leadership bonuses. Don’t forget to enroll in the free MMM School where you will learn new ways to attract a large number of new members.

    Be active and promote our Community. If each of us makes a contribution we will become stronger and more stable. We will work forever! Together, we are changing the world! Together we are making it better!

    Thank you for your attention. See you next week!

    Best regard, MMM Administration.
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