Official News 25.10.2017 Use Mass Text Messaging to Bring in New Members

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    MMM is building a just world where anyone may find their happy ever-after. In addition to paying you a high monthly percentage of the help provided, the Community offers you great referral and leadership bonuses.

    Bring in new members and earn awesome bonuses
    A referral bonus at MMM is 10 % of the help provided by your referrals. These conditions allow you to earn well even without providing help on your own.

    For instance, you have invited new members who on average provide help worth 100 dollars. You're going to earn a 10-dollar bonus for each of them.
    • If you invite 10 members, you're going to earn a 100-dollar bonus.
    • If you invite 100 members, you're going to earn a 1,000-dollar bonus.
    • If you invite 1,000 members, you're going to earn a 10,000-dollar bonus.
    It's a growing trend. By inviting 10,000 people, you're going to earn 100,000 in bonuses without providing help.

    Use text messaging to bring in new members
    One of the most efficient methods to find new members is through text messaging. You don't have to paste up notices, create your own web-sites or promote groups in the social media.
    • Write a short text with a call to join MMM and add your referral link or a link to your personal Landing Page.For instance, “Do you want to start a new life? Join MMM and become financially independent! — (your link)”.
    • Send this text in a text message — you can use unknown numbers, too. Whenever your intended recipient receives the text, there's a 95 % chance they are going to read it.

    You can use one of 3 methods to send text messages:
    • Manually, using your phone. Before you start, buy a good call plan with a low price of a text message from your cellular service provider.
    • Via a PC. Some service providers can offer free-of-charge text messaging via web-sites.
    • Via a company that specializes in text messaging. Your investment will pay off manyfold by referral bonuses.
    Select the method that works best for you or use multiple methods simultaneously. Join MMM, bring in new members and earn awesome bonuses. By bringing new people into the Mutual Aid Community you contribute to building a just world where everyone will find their happy ever-after. Remember about this and help the Community develop!
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