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Discussion in 'MMM Indonesia - English' started by MMM Global Support Team, Nov 30, 2016.

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    I receiving questions about MMM Indonesia and moving Cambodian participants in it etc..
    MiB structure not working in MMM Indonesia since august 2016 due following reasons:
    1) There a lack of BTC transactions (local BANK in general)
    2) There is BIG bug with leader bonuses generating (only from first 3 lines)
    3) There is long pending period of last PH order (more then 2 month)
    MiB now working only in MMM Thailand! Because:
    1) Alot of BTC
    2) Many countries joining via vpn
    3) Fresh structure
    5) Good support
    6) Guider team development
    7) All lines bonuses generating.
    I know the inside. And do not recommend to move in MMM Indonesia. MMM Thailand is the best now in BTC.
    Let the MiB be with you!
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