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    The MMM Community is building a new just world where anyone may find their happy ever-after. People won't depend on banks — they'll be able to do without loans. They'll have enough funds to live a full and happy life.
    A loan is a trap where people are lured by banks. If you find yourself in this trap, follow the recommendations below to escape it as soon as possible.

    How do you climb out of the debt pit
    • Use early repayment. Pay an extra amount on top of the monthly installment, and the loan term will reduce. And you'll save some money on the interest you don't have to pay.
    • Use refinancing. This method is good for those with multiple loans. A single bank will take on all of your loans, and you will only have to repay to this bank. More often than not, terms of refinancing are more interesting than those in multiple banks.
    • Borrow money from your friends or family. Those close to you will hardly demand payment of interest. You can then repay the loans and eventually pay the money back to your friends and family. However, you must only borrow from friends if you're certain you can repay on time.
    • Sell some of your belongings. One of the alternativesis selling expensive belongings and repaying loans ahead of time. It's certainly hard to part with your acquired property. However, it's a reasonable thing to do in a challenging situation.
    • Join MMM. By joining the Community, you get a chance to repay all of your loans. MMM pays a high percentage of the help provided — thus allowing you to repay any and all debts.
    Release yourself from loan slavery. Join MMM, earn a stable income and be financially independent!
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