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    Welcome, friends! :)) Another week is over, and today we are ready to share with you our review of the latest news on our MMM planet.

    The New Year Holidays are coming, and we have the corresponding mood. :)) We congratulate you on the coming holidays, and inform you that we continue to grow successfully. New members are joining MMM day after day; these people want to change their life for the better and build a fair world for everybody. That’s wonderful!

    And now, let’s review the latest events in different MMM countries. As a tradition, we will start with the news from the cryptocurrencies world.

    МММ and cryptocurrencies
    • On December, 17th (Sunday), the first world cryptocurrency Bitcoin hit a new record and reached the rate of $20 000 while the market capitalization amounted to $335,5 bln. As a result the rate changed a little bit. Bitcoin grows quickly and continues to prove its potential and increase its credibility among big investors and ordinary people. Once again, we call you to participate in MMM with cryptocurrency as it is much more profitable than traditional bank transfers. Well, you see it! ;-))
    • An important new milestone in the cryptocurrency history is the appearance of Bitcoin futures in the large trading stock exchanges. On December, 11th Bitcoin futures bidding started in Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE). It is the first appearance of the digital gold in the world financial market! As planned, following CBOE, on December, 18th Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME Group) also started to trade Bitcoin futures. The appearance of Bitcoin in the world stock exchanges is a new milestone in the development and strengthening of this cryptocurrency. It confirms once again that digital gold has high authority in the financial world.
    • Besides the financial world, Bitcoin is going to increase its popularity in the cinema world. ;-)) Hollywood film director Christian Cashmir announced he would shoot the movie about the first world cryptocurrency. He believes that it’s the time to tell people about Bitcoin, its advantages and influence on our future. Thanks to this movie, more people all over the world will get acquainted with Bitcoin, and it will surely make cryptocurrencies more popular.
    And now, let’s review the news that occurred in different MMM countries last week
    • The things are going wonderful in MMM Peru! :)) The Community develops and become more stable than ever. Besides the attraction of new members, the guiders remember about charity. Therefore, last week they carried our charity event aimed to help children. They provided the most necessary food supplies. The children were extremely happy, and it is really great. Friends, we express you our gratitude for your help and understanding. You follow the ideology of MMM and provide help to those who need it! Your work deserves the maximum praise and and reward!
    • MMM Brazil continues to develop actively and prepares for the Christmas and New Year Holidays. The guiders hold offline events, and invite everyone to join them. They tell the guests about our Community and show the key advantages for MMM participants. As a result, new people join our system and provide help to other participants. As for the holidays, the guiders already prepared creative backgrounds for the videos. Once you watch these videos your mood will improve and you will feel the sense of the coming Christmas that brings happiness and confidence in the future. Well done, guys! Thank you for your enthusiasm and desire to present pleasant moments! :))
    • Our new country, MMM Angola develops gradually. The number of participants grows day after day, and it is important for the stable work of the Community. We are sure that the citizens of this country deserve to live better, and together with MMM they will live better! Friends, be active, provide help to each other and tell your friends and acquaintances about MMM. If more people join the system both you and the whole MMM Community will benefit. We believe in you and wish you success! :))
    • A new interesting Mavro News edition is available now! Don’t miss it
    • MMM Australia prepared a new interesting video. Firstly, it will be useful for those who invite new members and feel lack of understanding from the surrounding people concerning our Community. The video explains how to answer the most difficult questions of the potential newcomers and comment the critics regarding MMM. Actually, it is very important. If you are going to invite new members to MMM you should be prepared for anything. We recommend you to watch this video
    • We express our gratitude to the guiders from MMM Australia for their contribution to the development of our Community and their help to the current and potential participants!:))
    • The system develops actively in MMM China. Last week was also successful. The activity increases gradually, and everybody feels happy ahead of holidays. We remind that we have prepared pleasant surprises in the social networks for our participants from China. So, don’t miss it! ;-))
    • MMM Kenya and MMM Ghana pleased us with a lot of excellent offline events. Their meetings are always vivid and funny, and it is extremely interesting and useful for the potential newcomers. Once again, we want to praise this simple but very efficient approach in the development of MMM. We thank our active members for their energy that helps them to promote and strengthen the Community. And we call everyone to follow the strategy of our guiders from MMM Kenya and MMM Ghana! :))
    • The activity increased in MMM Philippines. The number of PH and GH grows significantly! ;-)) The members continue to show their uniqueness and confidence in the boundless opportunities of MMM. Keep it up, guys! You are live example of the continuous stability of our Community based on the activity and consciousness of our participants. Thank you so much! We wish you further prosperity! :))
    • The things are going excellent in MMM India and MMM Zimbabwe! :)) Last week, we got a new portion of Testimonials from our participants with sincere gratitude, ordinary people of different ages and professions who improve their lives with MMM. We are glad that our Community helps millions of participants to change their life for better. The most important is to set a goal and follow it. Remember that the opportunities of MMM are boundless, and everything depends on your own desire. Never stop, go ahead and you will surely reach the success! :))
    To finish with
    MMM Community develops quickly and moves forward towards its goal - the construction of a new fair world for everybody. Nothing will impede us to follow our way!

    MMM is the power based on kindness and mutual help,
    Best regards,
    the power that can change the world for better thanks to us! Remember that the stability and efficiency of the Community depends on each participant, including you.

    Invite new members to MMM, develop the System and improve your own welfare. The things are closely interrelated. Therefore, be more active, provide help, tell about us in social networks, on forums, messengers and on the streets of the city or town. Make your contribution to the development of the Community, and everything will be MMM! :))

    Thank you for staying with us, see you next week!
    MMM Administration
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