Official News 26.02.2018 Bitcoin in 2018: experts’ predictions

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    It is possible to participate in MMM in two ways: fiat (traditional) money and a cryptocurrency. We recommend using the second way as it is faster, safer and more profitable.

    What will happen to Bitcoin in 2018? Some experts have been offering their predictions, and that’s what they say.

    Bobby Lee: Bitcoin price will grow up to $100 000

    Bobby Lee, the CEO of the largest Bitcoin exchange in China, BTCC - which is currently shut down due to the governmental policies of China - is sure that by the end of 2018 the first world’s cryptocurrency will reach $100,000, and by 2021 - $150,000.

    According to Lee, the main reason of such a rapid growth is a limited number of Bitcoins which is possible to mine just for 21 million. To date, there 80% of Bitcoins have been mined. The second reason is the authorities’ inability of banning Bitcoin whatever attempts they would undertaken for that. Anyway, everyone may use a cryptocurrency, and its demand continues to increase.

    Bromberg: Bitcoin is better than gold

    Coinlist CEO and co-founder, Andy Bromberg thinks that despite today’s fluctuations in the Bitcoin price, in a long-term perspective, it will become better than gold as a tool for saving capital increase.

    He also said that Bitcoin has attractive features that make it highly-demanded. Firstly, there is impossibility of cancelling or reversing transactions that are recorded and stored in an integrated anti-counterfeiting register. Secondly, there are no boundaries when carrying out transactions in Bitcoin.

    Tom Lee: Bitcoin will reach $50,000 mark

    Co-founder and a principal analyst at Fundstrat Global Advisors, Tom Lee, holds the same view with Andy Bromberg - considers Bitcoin as gold’s digital analog and the best means for long-term investment.

    While in his predictions concerning the Bitcoin price in the current year, he is less ambitious than his namesake Bobby Lee and predicts the first cryptocurrency’s growth up to $50,000. Nevertheless, this prognosis is equally optimistic.

    As it is seen, in spite of today’s fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market, many experts are unanimously expressing an optimistic opinion about Bitcoin and its further development. We are also certain that Bitcoin and other progressive cryptocurrencies as a whole keep growing, therefore we recommend you to participate in MMM using them and get high interest rates of the Provide Help sum.
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