Official News 26.10.2017 Why is Joining MMM a Good Cause?

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    The MMM Mutual Aid Community is building a FAIR world where anyone may find their happy ever-after. Its members help each other financially and are paid a high percentage of the help provided on a monthly basis. No bank and no financial project will pay you that much.

    Each MMM member who provides help or brings in new members serves a good cause. This is the way to do our bit in building a just world based on kindness, honesty and mutual help.

    Three good causes you serve by contributing to MMM are:
    • You look out for others by providing help. MMM vision is based on selfless mutual help. Whenever you send funds to other members' accounts, you help them solve their problems. Some people need to buy winter clothes, others — a stroller for their future baby, still others need to pay for a treatment. Each person has their own needs. People spend money on whatever they need, and they are grateful to you personally for your financial support. Without your help, they wouldn't be able to afford it.
    • You change the lives of new members you bring in. When a new member joins MMM, their life changes radically. They have a chance to fulfil their life-long dreams, provide for themselves financially and do what they love. They didn't have this chance before, when they lived paycheck to paycheck. Besides, each new member will join you in building a new just world which is an important undertaking — each member is valuable for MMM.
    • Your active involvement ensures stability of the Community. When you're actively engaged in providing help and bringing in new members, the power of MMM grows. It also boosts stability. As a result, the trust of our members in MMM is consolidated, they start to share our vision — all of this helps us build the new just world faster!

    When you contribute to MMM, you change the world. Thanks to you, people on the planet cease to be in want of money, they fulfil their dreams and do what they love. In the process, you increase your own wealth.

    Do good by actively contributing to MMM — provide help to others and bring in new members. Your good deeds will be repaid a hundredfold!
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