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    Welcome dear friends! :)) Another January week is over, and we are ready to share with you a fresh digest of a short review of events on our MMM planet.

    The system continues to grow and move forward towards a new fair world. How soon will we reach this goal? It depends on each participant of our Community including you. Don’t forget that you are important for MMM. The stability and efficiency of the System depend on you. Therefore, we call you to provide help to other participants actively and invite new members. If we have more participants we become stronger. Therefore, we will reach our final goals faster! :))

    And now, let’s review the events of the past week. You will get to know what’s new happened in different MMM countries. As usual we will start with the news from the cryptocurrencies world.

    МММ and cryptocurrencies

    • Last week, the cryptocurrencies market experienced deep correction. The price of Bitcoin at several stock exchanges decreased to less than $10 000. Following the first world cryptocurrency, the price of many Altcoins decreased as well. As a result, the total capitalization of the cryptocurrencies market reduced to $432 bln. The experts express different opinions concerning the past correction and name different reasons, however many of them are sure that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will continue to grow. Such corrections are considered as a normal phenomenon of the current development stage of the digital money. Obviously, the situation at the cryptocurrencies market starts to become more stable, the experts agree on that as the growth is notable. We share this opinion, and recommend everyone to participate in MMM with cryptocurrencies without any doubts. Everything will be wonderful, and new records are ahead! -))
    • It’s not a secret that the authorities of the South Korea are trying to criticize cryptocurrencies saying it’s not money. However, recently a real scandal occurred. At the official level, the information concerning the involvement of the governmental high officials into the insider cryptocurrencies trading was approved. According to the service of the financial supervision of South Korea, high officials traders fixed the revenues - sold cryptocurrencies before the Central Bank declared the purpose to tighten rules of work of the local stock exchanges. Therefore, they earned a lot of money. So, they say cryptocurrencies is bad but earn on them at the same time. How can you believe authorities then? :))
    • On January, 17th another step was taken for the solution of the large scaling of Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency is to implement Lightning Network. It enables to carry out quick Bitcoin transactions with the minimal fees. Last week, Blockstream company launched its first internet shop with the support of payments that use special protocol Lightning Network. In the catalogue of the shop four articles are presented - male and female t-shirts with the slogan “Don’t trust. Verify” and two types of stickers: Blockstream Satellite and Lightning Network. However, the most important is that it started. Probably, the range of the shop will expand soon, and the customers will be able to purchase more goods for Bitcoins. We will also underline that within the several last days, the number of active nodes Lightning Network increased significantly in the main Bitcoin network. For the moment, there are 91 active nodes. The future is coming! ;-))
    • Last week, another step was taken for the solution of the large scaling problem of Bitcoin. The whitepaper for the implementation of the authentication scheme and digital Schnorr signature into the Bitcoin protocol was published in the Internet. Such solution offered by the developers team Bitcoin Core will help to increase the productivity of Bitcoin network and improve the privacy parameters. As a result, the transactions will become more secure and fast. Without any doubts, it will be profitable for all users.
    And now, let’s make a short wrap-up of the events that occurred in different MMM countries during the last week
    • Leaders from MMM Venezuela held the charity event for children from the Dr. Miguel Ora hospital. A tasty useful dinner was organized for the little patients, besides Santa Claus personally visited their rooms and wished them soonest recovery. :)) Guys, thank you so much for your bright noble deed - help to the seek kids. We are proud that there are so many noble and kind people in our Community. Continue to follow MMM ideology and provide help to those who really need it giving the joy and belief in the bright future to the children!
    • Guiders from MMM Australia started to work hard with the current and potential MMM participants. It referred to the cryptocurrencies. Last week, they prepared a new video tutorial telling about digital currency Litecoin, its history, principles of work, prospects and opportunities to participate with Litecoin in MMM. We believe this video will be useful for everybody:
    • Friends, we thank you for your activity, you expand important information and help people to understand difficult topics. Well done! Continue to follow this way, therefore MMM will develop even faster! :))
    • The things are going stable in MMM Indonesia, MMM Zimbabwe and MMM India! That’s really great! ;-)) The Community is developing fast in these countries, the activity of the participants grows quickly, therefore more people provide help and get payments on time. With MMM, people will improve their welfare and make their dreams true. Last week, the total number of participants increased, therefore we are moving in the right direction building a new fair world for everybody. Don’t forget that the stability and efficiency of MMM depend on each of you, therefore be active. Everything will be even better! ;-))
    • Our participants from MMM RSA send us a lot of Testimonials. Last week, we got a lot of new Testimonials. It proves that the Community develops, and that’s great. Don’t forget that MMM is not a magic wand that will change your life at a moment. MMM is you! You are united with the same goal - improve your welfare with the mutual financial support. Mutual aid is our key to the success! :))
    • MMM Turkey started to develop actively. We observe the positive development tendency! ;-)) We are sure that the Community has a large potential, and will surely reach high results. The most important is to follow our ideology and keep positive. It just can’t be otherwise! We wish you success, guys! :))
    • The participants from MMM Philippines provide help actively and get help as well. We remind that this country is our leader in the stability. The System works more than 16 months here. Obviously, it’s a great indicator that proves the significance of our Community. This is a great experience and a good example for all countries! :))
    • MMM China continues to prepare for the Chinese New Year actively. It is one of the most large-scale favourite holidays of the country. The activity of the participants continues to grow, the number of PH and GH increases as well. The Community develops, and we are pleased! We are sure that after the holidays the life will pulse with a new force in MMM China! ;-))

    We continue to get Testimonials from our happy participants with their gratitudes. These participants are ordinary people with problems and troubles, however they are united by the same goal - they want to change their lives for better. Here are some new testimonials. Watch them and send us your letters! ;-))

    To finish with

    The development of MMM continues in the New Year, and we will surely reach excellent results. The Community is moving forward constantly thanks to the unity of our participants. We believe in the common fair, and we will surely reach it together!

    Friends, thank you for your loyalty to MMM. You provide help to each other actively, invite new members to the Community and build your own structures. It’s extremely relevant for our stability and your own welfare. Remember you are an inalienable element of the unique chain, and the success of MMM depends on each of you! Together, we are changing the world! :))

    Thank you for staying with us, see you next week!

    Best regards,
    MMM Administration
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