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    Welcome dear friends! We wish you kindness and positive! ;-))

    Another February week is over, and we have prepared a new review of the events on our friendly MMM planet.

    Our Community is developing actively and reaches new highs. Let’s remind that we already have more than 250 mln participants all over the world! And we are not going to stop. Every day, new members join MMM as they want to change their lives for better. Soon, we will build a new fair world where everybody will reach the success and live happily. Together we are changing the world! :))

    And now, we will tell you about the main events of the last week and the current situation in the cryptocurrencies world.

    Analysis of the cryptocurrencies market

    Last week, Bitcoin surprised its investors once again as it recovered the price of $11 000. Bitcoin «pulled» all other cryptocurrencies up so the cryptocurrencies market managed to strengthen its positions. However, let’s review it in details.
    • Bitcoin. On February, 12-14th Bitcoin fixed at the level of $8 000 but already on February, 14th it started to grow. Probably, it was related to the statement of the head of the European Central Bank Mario Dragie. On February, 14th he declared that the European Central Bank wouldn’t control cryptocurrencies. At the same day, local authorities in South Korea promised the same and declared they wouldn’t forbid cryptocurrencies.
      For several weeks, continues the dispute between the government and citizens of South Korea concerning cryptocurrencies legislation. The authorities want to tighten the laws and the citizens don’t agree. Therefore, any concession of the South Korean government under the pressure of its citizens has positive influence on the cryptocurrencies market.
      The cryptocurrencies market of South Korea is one of the biggest markets in the world, consequently the dynamics of the Bitcoin price is closely interrelated with the development of that market. With small fluctuations, Bitcoin reached $11 000 on February, 18th and after a short correction fixed at the level of $10 500. For the moment, there are no premises for the decrease of the price.
    • Ethereum. Ethereum experienced more fluctuations than Bitcoin but its price increased from $850 to #930. No significant events have occurred in the Ethereum network for a long time, so this coin is following the common market trend but the speed of development is lower. The Ethereum Community is not satisfied that this cryptocurrency doesn’t look like a technological driver of the market as it was earlier. This fact causes drastic fluctuations and slower growth. ETH reached its maximum high of $980 on February, 18th and then decreased to $930.
    • Litecoin. LTC showed a great growth from $150 to $235 on February, 14-15th. Light coin actively reacts to any positive news. Its growth can be related to the messages declaring that cryptocurrencies won’t be forbidden in Europe and South Korea. Quick growth is also related to hard fork Litecoin Cash that appeared at the end of the last week. Trying to get free coins, many investors converted their capitals in Litecoin. It encouraged the growth rates.
    • Bitcoin Cash. Last week, the most popular fork of Bitcoin - Bitcoin Cash didn’t surprise the users, it just fluctuated following the common market tendencies. However, the most important is that the price increased. BCH started the week at the level of $1250 and at the end of the week it reached $1500.
    • Dash. The dynamics of the Dash cryptocurrency was the same as the General cryptocurrencies market dynamics. It started to row on February, 14th, reached new highs and corrected on February, 18th. Therefore, the Price of Dash increased from $607 to $690 and stayed at that level.
    • Monero. The dynamics of Monero corresponded the comьmon average dynamics of the market. Starting from the February, 1st with the Price of #240 Monero reached the level of $330 on February, 18th and corrected at the level of $310. The investors feel quite satisfied.
    Our forecast:

    If no extraordinary events occur in the cryptocurrencies market the prices will increase gradually next week. However, just one positive or negative news is enough to increase the volatility. Finally, the price of cryptocurrencies will rather grow than fall.

    Generally, the market started a new movement, another positive tendency began. On February, 16th Asian players celebrated Chinese New Year and stopped selling cryptocurrencies in order to Buy gifts. We believe that after 1-2 weeks of slow growth cryptocurrencies will experience a new fast growth. We expect extra-quick growth, and cryptocurrencies will break new records.

    Note: this analysis of the cryptocurrencies market is just the review and our forecast. It’s our opinion. We don’t guarantee as nobody can give you guarantees concerning the trustworthiness of our forecasts.

    МММ and cryptocurrencies

    • According to the researches, the total number of cryptocurrencies hedge funds now amounts to 226 although just 4 months ago this number was twice lower - 110, and one year ago the number of hedge funds hardly reached 37. The total value of the assets of these organizations is $3.5-$5 bln. The experts are sure that the financial field will develop actively as the interest towards cryptocurrencies is growing constantly. The creation of hedge funds will continue even with fluctuations in the cryptocurrencies market as the Bitcoin and Altcoins rates continue to grow, it means cryptocurrencies is an excellent tool for long-term investments.
    • And once again, we call you to participate in MMM with cryptocurrencies as it’s much more profitable. You already know it very well! :))
      After the continuous correction of the cryptocurrencies market that occurred during the whole January, bulls finally took initiative over bears and recovered their positions. Bitcoin is growing, Altcoins are growing, consequently the total capitalization of the cryptocurrencies market currently exceeds $500 bln.
    • The leading cryptocurrencies stock exchange Bitfitnex is preparing for the creation of a new decentralized online stock exchange EOSfinex based on the Blockchain protocol EOS.IO. The representatives of Bitfitnex are sure that this protocol will solve the problems with the processing speed of transactions that occur more frequently due to the growing number of users. Generally, the creation of decentralized stock exchange is an important step in the evolution of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, we express our support to the team!
    • Last week, Forbes magazine published TOP-50 Financial technical companies that according to their opinion are considered the best companies in the field of innovative Financial services. Among them, appear 9 Blockchain companies and The Bitfury Group, provider of the popular Bitcoin wallet Coinbase, Xapo, ShapeShift and Ripple. Besides, the list also includes start-ups Chain, Robinhood and Veem. As we can see, Blockchain technology gets more value and attention form the most famous economic magazines of the world! MasterCard - the world largest payment system - also pays attention to Blockchain. The representatives of the company declared they are going to patent about 30 developments in the field of decentralized systems. It’s another important step in the popularization of Blockchain technology and development of a new model of the financial relations. Well, it’s quite obvious as the Blockchain technology will invade the whole world in the soonest future! ;-))
    And now, let’s make a short wrap-up of the events that occurred in different MMM countries last week
    • The System develops actively in MMM Brazil! ;-)) The guiders hold interesting presentations for the potential newcomers, use creative approach and reach wonderful results! So, last week during one of the offline events the organizers carried out the draw of t-shirts with MMM symbology, wall watches and even Bitcoins. Besides, they told the Guest about the Community and its principles! ;-)) Everybody felt positive, after the presentation many guests decided to join the System and started to provide help. Another impressive result in the attraction of new members to MMM Brazil - 500 new participants after several offline events in Rio de Janeiro held by the team of our active guider. Great job, guys, keep it up! You are really cool. Continue to promote MMM. We wish you success! :))
    • Besides, our leaders from Brazil hold interesting presentations for the potential newcomers explaining how to participate in MMM, they don’t forget about the workshops in the field of digital money. Recently, a group of active guiders held the conference related to the cryptocurrencies. It was celebrated in the Expocenter in Sao Paulo. During the conference, the organizers explained the guests what is Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, related this topic to MMM. Many guests became interested and joined MMM Brazil Community. Well done, guys! Your contribution to the development of MMM is extremely important, don’t stop, continue to provide help to ordinary people, help them to obtain the financial independence. We are proud of your active work! :))
    • The attraction of newcomers continues actively in MMM Peru. The guiders constantly old massive offline events and explain the guests the ideology of MMM and advantages of the Community for the ordinary people. Such events were celebrated last week, as a result new members joined MMM, they are ready to change their lives for better. Great idea, guys. We praise you for that! ;-)) Be active, hold more presentations as it will benefit you and the whole Community. We wish you success and prosperity!
    • A new interesting edition of Mavronews is already available. Watch it here!
    • Our guiders from MMM Ecuador found out a great way for the promotion of MMM. They launched the advertisement of our Community on the local radio, recorded a motivating audio called “MMM gives you a solution!”. The results overcame all expectations, the guiders got a lot of calls from the listeners who wanted to get more information about the Community and join it. Wonderful approach, guys! We are sure that your efforts and creative work will encourage new members to join MMM Ecuador! We wish you success in the further promotion of MMM and search of new solutions! ;-)) And here is this audio:
    • Last week, leaders from MMM Australia continued the topic of popular cryptocurrencies and their usage. In a new video, they tell about Litecoin - explain how to choose the best wallet for its storage, review TOP-5 wallets and describe their functionality, how to increase the number of Litecoins with MMM. You can watch the video here
      Once again we thank you for your important deals! You help people to understand complicated issues and make their participation in MMM easier. It is very important for the Community. Keep it up and promote our favourite system! ;-))
    • Last week, the guiders from MMM India held a lot of interesting offline events for the attraction of new members. The events were held in different cities of the country, and many people participated. As a result, the Community developed actively. Besides, the guiders organized meetings for leaders and discussed the plans for the future. We are pleased to see such a high enthusiasm and a lot of energy from our Indian activists. It means, the system is developing fast! Guys, thank you for your work and loyalty to our ideology. You will reach the success! ;-))
    • The work with new members continues in MMM Indonesia. Last week, the guiders held a lot of events in different formats. During each event, the organizers provided wonderful atmosphere. We appreciate the enthusiasm of our guiders, it’s really great! Each offline event had a positive result because the guys were extremely prudent. Friends, thank you for your activity! Keep it up! :))
    • Compared to the previous weeks, the activity of participants grew in MMM RSA. We get a lot of new Testimonials. It proves that participants feel positive and want to build a new happy future. That’s right as our future depends on us, don’t forget it. Rely on yourself and other ordinary people united by MMM. Nobody but you can build this future, be active, continue to provide help and invite newcomers, therefore the things will be even better! ;-))
    • MMM Kenya, MMM Ghana and MMM Nigeria continue to develop gradually. Last week, new members joined the Community in these countries! :)) The participants provide and get help, send Testimonials and it proves that the dynamics of the development is positive. We are sure that over time the growth will accelerate, and MMM will become even stronger in these countries. Friends, remember about your significance for the System, provide help to each other actively and invite more newcomers as you can do it and you have already proved your skills. We believe in you and wish you success! :))
    • МММ Philippines continues to maintain leadership among all countries! ;-)) The time is going, and the Community is still strong for more than 18 months, we are sure it will grow even more! Our dear participants from Philippines, you are really important for us, you are a great example of activity, coherence and goal-orientation. We are proud of you, and wish you further prosperity! :))
    • Last week, participants from MMM China celebrated Chinese New Year! We congratulate you on this significant event. And we guess you liked our New Year contest. We are glad to work for you as you deserve all the best! However, all the best is still ahead! ;-)
    • Leaders from MMM Turkey continue to be active. Last week, we started to enroll active members for the work online. The respective announcements are published on the MMM website and in the Personal office, and we already have a lot of responses. And one of our activists started to create motivating advertising videos calling to participate in MMM. They are published in the social networks and get a lot of responses. Here is one of them
      Well done, guys. You are extremely active and purposeful. MMM Turkey will surely become more efficient than ever! We wish you success! :))

    Testimonials - a car for the participation in MMM!

    МММ continues to please participants all over the world! We get a lot of Testimonials and share them with you but today we have decided to underline a video we got last week.

    In this video, our participant from Brazil explains how much he suffered trying to start his own deal and how the things changed when he joined MMM. He got help from the Community and bought a new Hyundai. He made his old dream true. Our congratulations! We recommend everybody to follow the example of this young guy!


    To finish with

    MMM continues to develop efficiently, and grows day after day. It becomes real due to the activity of our members in all countries and helps them to reach the highest results! :))
    Friends, we are proud of you. We are proud of you. We are proud that you are active and work for the welfare of the whole community, and change your life for better! It’s really wonderful!

    Be more active, tell your friends and acquaintances about MMM, call everybody to solve their financial problems. Together we are changing the world. And we will make it fair for everybody! Let’s change the world together!

    Thank you for staying with us, and see you next week!

    Best regards,
    MMM Administration
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