Official News 27.03.2018 What Bitcoin can give to ordinary people

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    To provide help in МММ, there are two ways: traditional money and cryptocurrencies. You are recommended to use the second way - a cryptocurrency, since it is faster, safer and more profitable.

    Cryptocurrency opponents state that Bitcoin has no advantages over traditional money. This means there is nothing to be gained from using it. However, it is not the case. Such statements are made deliberately with the aim to return people’s attention to the banks that are experiencing a loss of customers. So what does Bitcoin give to ordinary people?
    • Safe storage of savings. To keep money in Bitcoins is multifold times more secure than in a bank account. For example, frauds hack bank accounts and transfer money to fictitious accounts. Whereas making transactions in Bitcoins, private keys in the form of complex program codes are used. It is simply impossible to figure them out. But, on the other side, there is a weak point here - rate volatility. Though this weak point is rather exaggerated, yet, as a whole, Bitcoin price is constantly growing, albeit with periodical drops.
    • Protection from inflation and an increase in the rate. While continuing the previous item: Bitcoin helps protect the income from depreciation and even increase it. National currencies steadily suffer price losses, whereas food products and other necessary commodities rise in price. Bitcoin price on the contrary is constantly rising in general. If to keep income in a cryptocurrency, it will not depreciate but will even grow.
    • Anonymity. When investing in financial projects, investors are not assured of total confidentiality and therefore in safety too. It is impossible to exclude a 100% information loss due to the human factor. Using Bitcoin though, an investor is safely protected against disclosure, since the human factor is absent. That’s why they don’t fear to invest and receive large sums. All transactions are also anonymous - nobody will know your first and second name, if you don’t disclose it by yourself.
    Bitcoin’s advantages over traditional money are obvious. Participate in MMM using a cryptocurrency, get high interest rates of the Provide Help sum and don’t let inflation affect your income!
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