Official News 27.10.2017 What Can You Say to a New Member You Bring in the Community

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    In addition to a high monthly percentage, MMM also offers awesome referral bonuses. You're paid 10 % of the help provided by your referrals. It's your chance to provide for yourself financially for a lifetime.

    However, some of us don't know how to invite new members correctly. They do find people and invite them to join MMM, but in most cases their offer is declined. If this is the case with you, you should know that your main mistake is that you present the Community the wrong way. It's not enough to say that MMM is awesome. Support your words with real evidence.

    What you could tell a prospective new member
    • High monthly earnings, referral and leadership bonuses. Explain that no bank and no financial project can pay this much. Provide several specific examples of how funds can grow in a certain time period.
    • Vision. Explain thatMMM members have united to defeat social inequality, that they want to live in abundance and look ahead in confidence. The Community helps people become financially independent, travel, work for charitable causes, vacation at resorts and start their own businesses. Together, they are building a just world for the simple folk.
    • Scale of the Community. MMM comprises people from 118 countries, and more new members join us with each passing second. In total, the Community already includes over 240 mln people.
    • Legality of MMM membership. MMM isn't a legal entity — it's a voluntary association of people. Its members exchange funds by choice. It cannot be banned legislatively. MMM has existed for many years.
    • Good Luck Letters. Every day happy MMM members post reviews of the Community that are published at the official web-site. It speaks volumes for how MMM pays back to its members. A potential new member may browse our web-site, watch videos about receiving money and make sure the high earnings are not a con.
    • Easy membership. Explain that being a member of MMM is easy — you don't have to have a certain level of education; anyone can understand the basics, be it a student or a retiree.

    Talk about these facts — and inviting new members to join the Community will become easier. By bringing in new members, you accelerate MMM's development and boost its stability. Contribute to MMM, make a high monthly income and bring in new members. Together, we're going to build a just world where everyone will find their happy ever-after.
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