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    МММ is building a new fair world where everyone will be happy and successful. Participate in the Mutual Aid Community, develop self-confidence and avoid negative influence of stress. Though, sometimes, stress can even be good for you. Let’s look more deeply into this.

    Stress reinforces brain activity

    In stressful situations the brain works more productively. This is connected with noradrenaline hormone releasing that activates brain function. You for sure noticed by yourself that in extreme conditions think faster. Whereas you are more likely to come up exactly with necessary and rational thoughts.

    The elderly who have been stressed out because of a spouse’s illness for more than two years have their memory improved. Scientists also note that the higher human intelligence is, the larger portion of noradrenaline is produced. This hormone stimulates nerve impulse transmission between the brain cells. That’s why a man is capable of benefiting from stressful situations.

    Two ways to use stress to your advantage
    • Speak your anxiety out loud. In case you are worried in anticipation of an important event, say aloud: “I’m nervous”. Anxiety can be joyful and worrisome, but the symptoms are similar. A person has a fast heart rate, dry mouth, excessive sweating. Saying to yourself about your perceptions consciously, you improve your brain function. Yet you know now that in stressful situations the brain works quickly and clearly.
    • Breathe slowly and deeply. Take a deep breath counting to five. Then breathe out in the same slow pace. The brain reacts to the amount of CO2 in blood. Slow breathing soothes the body, whereas beneficial thoughts, received as a result of stress, remain, and those thoughts because of which you may make mistakes as a result of stress - fall away. Breathe consciously and control nervous tension.
    All people build their lives independently. If you learn how to manage yourself and subdue stress, you will certainly reach success. Join MMM, receive high interest rates of your Provide Help sum and be resistant to negative emotions!
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