Official News 27.12.2016 Now SMS notifications about PO changes are available for you!

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    We would like to inform you that we have fulfilled your request! We have implemented the option of sms notifications about changes in the PO. It will be of great use for those members who can’t often visit their PO for any reason :))

    SMS notification informs participants about:
    • matching the other party (a new order creating);
    • money transfer (when the other party transferred money/bitcoins and specified it in the PO).
    Now you do not need to constantly check your PO and refresh the page while awaiting matching the other party or money transfer. Go about your business, and should there be any changes in the PO -- you will get an sms. It is very convenient :))

    SMS notification will remind you when you should provide help or confirm the money receipt. The option is activated automatically -- you do not have to enable or customize anything. Use it with pleasure ;-))

    Important: to get sms notifications you must confirm your mobile phone number in the PO!
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