Official News 27.12.2017 World Financial Institutes Employing Blockchain in Their Operations

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    The blockchain technology that underlies most cryptocurrencies is introduced to multiple aspects of everyday life, including the financial system. If has sparked a keen interest in world-known financial giants.

    JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and other banks have been testing blockchain-based transactions with securities.
    A short while ago a number of large financial institutions of global renown, including JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse and others, concluded a trial test of blockchain-based transactions with securities.
    The testing was carried out on the AxCore blockchain platform developed by an American startup — Axoni. Late last year this startup raised $18 bln from various banks and venture capital investors who are interesting in using blockchain.
    Greg Schvey, Axoni's CEO, noted that the distributed ledger technology that underlies blockchain suits perfectly a complex process of trading and financial transactions with securities.

    Promising testing results
    After the first stage of testing, participants of the trial project concluded that the blockchain technology could improve efficiency of various transactions in the financial sphere.
    On a separate note, they remarked that when each party of a transaction uses persistent data that is similar to other parties' data, payments are processed faster as virtually no approvals are needed and controversial points are ruled out.
    In a nutshell, testing results show that the blockchain technology can actually improve the existing financial system by making it simpler and more convenient.

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