Official News 28.02.2018 Self-development tips: benefits of regular reading

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    The primary goal of the МММ Community is to build a new fair world where ordinary people will be happy and successful. We will do it faster if everyone starts to work on their self-development today.

    A simple and productive way of self-development is regular reading. 90% of information is received by the human brain directly through visual perception, therefore reading is the most comfortable method of gaining knowledge. We will tell you about its benefits in brief.

    Memory and thinking skills improvement

    When reading books, a person visualizes a plot and reflects on it. Imagination draws the pictures of characters, environments. Besides the reader permanently keeps in mind the details of current events not to lose track of the story. As a consequence, memory and reasoning evolve.

    Increasing concentration

    An interesting story is really exciting. A reader is not distracted by unrelated actions but focuses on the text. This skill is helpful in other life areas as well - a man learns to concentrate and as a result takes balanced decisions at work and home. Such people waste less time and achieve more.

    Developing confidence

    Reading regularly you develop the ability to express yourself explicitly. People often suffer from a lack of speaking skills - get flustered when answering, aren’t able to clearly and competently express their opinion. This leads to the fear of communicating with other people. A man of wide reading doesn’t have such fears - they easily enter into a dialogue and know how to retort in arguments; their social circle is expanding and new horizons are opening.

    Coping with stress

    Reading soothes psyche and reduces the stress level. A positive book is an effective antidepressant that is capable of substituting sedatives. Therefore, don’t hurry to take medicine - better devote at least half an hour daily to interesting reading. You will see that stress will go away.
    Regular reading of interesting books and useful literature helps develop also other important skills and traits. Participate in MMM, get high interest rates of the Provide Help amount and read exciting books!
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