Official News 28.03.2018 How Bitcoin laughed at billionaires

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    On February 6, Dow Jones lost 4,60%, S&P decreased by 4,10%, Nasdaq fell by 3,8%. Such a downfall hasn’t been observed on American markets since 2011. Asian funds reacted instantaneously which fell even more than American.

    Some analysts even started talking about the beginning of a new global and overwhelming crisis. But to all appearances the crisis didn’t happen though, however a lot of billionaires got their pockets slimmed down heavily.

    Billionaires cry too

    Warren Buffett’s fortune - who relentlessly criticizes Bitcoin and swears that will never invest in it - has been reduced by $ 5 billion. He talks all the time that the cryptocurrency boom will come to a bad end. However recent events demonstrate that also the situation on the traditional stock market can end badly.

    Mark Zuckerberg, a legendary founder of Facebook, banned Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies advertising. Thus he allegedly wanted to keep his business out of “fraudulence” arising from cryptocurrencies. Although he incurred losses not because of cryptocurrencies, but from the fall in the traditional stock market. He lost $ 3,6 billion at a time.

    So what should be called a “bubble” now?

    Banks, officials, billionaires - many call Bitcoin a “bubble” and insist on forbidding it. Following such line of thinking, shares and futures, and interference by the authorities in the market with a view to changing rates should be banned as well.

    It should be noted that stock markets began to take a cue from the fall next day. So, on February 7, Dow Jones rose by a bit more than 1%. Whereas Bitcoin grew by 14% over the same period. Do you see the difference? Not so long ago mass media wrote quite a lot that Bitcoin’s “bubble” burst. So what should be called a “bubble” now?
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