Official News 28.04.2017 Mavro-BTC/Mavro-Naira and Mavro-Naira/Mavro-BTC conversion works without errors

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    What is it about?

    When providing help with BTC you can choose which currency will grow: bitcoins or naira.

    For example, you want to provide help with 1 BTC. Let’s say, Bitcoin price at that moment is 400,000 naira. What can you do?
    1. You can buy 1 Mavro-BTC, and in a month this amount will turn into 1,3 Mavro-BTC. If Bitcoin price by the moment will have increased up to 500,000 naira, then in a month your 400,000 naira will turn into 1,3 Mavro-BTC*500,000 naira=650,000 naira.
    2. Also you can use that very 1 BTC to acquire 400,000 Mavro-naira (it’s displayed in PO as Mavro-NGN). In that case in a month you will have on your PO account 1,3 * 400,000 Mavro-NGN = 520,000 Mavro-NGN.
    As you can see in the first case in a month you will get a bigger amount as the BTC price has increased during that month. And what if it falls?! In order that the participant has the opportunity to secure himself against BTC price fluctuations there is a possibility to convert Mavro-BTC into Mavro-NGN and back. Is BTC price increasing? The participant can keep Mavro-BTC on his account. If it starts to go down, the participant can convert this amount into Mavro-NGN. Has the price started growing again? He can return to Mavro-BTC. And so on. In fact, it works like currency trading.

    Everything is simple, but till present time the conversion (Mavro-BTC into Mavro-NGN and back) has been working badly but now we have finally fixed it and it goes like clockwork! So use this option to earn more money!:))

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