Official News 28.08.2017 Mavro-BTC conversion works well!

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    What is it about?
    When providing help in BTC, you can decide by yourself what exactly will grow: bitcoins or yuan.

    For example, you want to provide help with 1 BTC. Bitcoin price for that moment, say, 8,000 yuan. What can you do?

    1. You can buy 1 Mavro-BTC, and in a month it will turn to 1,3 Mavro-BTC.
    If Bitcoin price by the moment will increase up to 9,000 yuan, then your 8,000 yuan will turn in a month virtually to 1,3 Mavro-BTC*9,000 yuan=11,700 yuan.

    2. Also you can buy 8,000 Mavro-yuan for that very 1BTC. In that case in a month you will have on your PO account 1,3 * 8,000 Mavro-yuan=10,400 Mavro-yuan.

    As you can see in the first case you will get in a month more, but it is just due to the BTC price increase during that month. And what if it falls?! In order that the participant has the opportunity to secure himself against BTC price fluctuations there is a possibility to convert Mavro-BTC into Mavro-yuan and vice versa. Is BTC price increasing? The participant keeps Mavro-BTC. If it started to go down, the participant switched to Mavro-yuan. Does it grow again? He can return to Mavro-BTC. And so on. In fact, it is a common game with exchange rate.

    Everything is simple, but till present time all this conversion (Mavro-BTC into Mavro-yuan and vice versa) worked badly but now we, finally fixed it and it works like a clock! Play with pleasure!:))
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