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    Welcome dear MMM participants! Another week of successful work of our Community has Greetings, dear MMM members! Another week has passed successfully for the Community — it's time to review the results and publish the weekly digest.

    That said, MMM has been doing wonderfully, and it couldn't have been otherwise. We're successfully developing, gaining ground, making rapid progress — thanks to your proactive attitude.

    This week, just like the ones before it, was very busy and interesting, and we're about to tell you all about it. You'll read about the events hosted by the Community in different countries and review the news about MMM in the world of cryptocurrencies.

    Here we go! ;-))

    MMM and Cryptocurrencies
    • The Segregated Witness (SegWit) Protocol was successfully activated by the Bitcoin Network on August 23, just as planned. It resulted in the strengthening of the cryptocurrency while its capacity has doubled. The main advantage of SegWit activation for regular users is the lower cost of transactions and reduced waiting time of confirmation. It now runs like clockwork. Yay! :))
    • Once again, we would like to point out the growing number of Bitcoin advocates. In the past, a vast majority of users preferred to use bank services. Now more and more members are willing to provide and receive help using Bitcoin. It can be seen in all countries, without exceptions.
    • Last week, MMM China enabled contributions using Litecoin and has been greatly commended for doing so. The Celestial Empire has quite a few advocates of this cryptocurrency, and it is now easier and more convenient for them to make contributions with MMM.
    • In addition to Litecoin, China enabled another cryptocurrency — Ethereum — which can now be used to provide and receive help. It's also very convenient, safe and secure. The main advantage is the almost instantaneous transactions with minimum fees. In other words, we can now offer more options to contribute with MMM. We hope you're content with what we've done! :)) For details, go to
    Below is a summary of events in MMM countries:

    • MMM Brazil has been perfectly fine. They have been working in high gear, the Community has been developing and attracting new members. Last week alone, over 5,000 active new members have joined us. We're confident there's more to come. Keep it up! :))
    • In Ecuador, MMM members arranged a charity event for kids. Kids of all ages gathered in the open air to take part in a fascinating program and, of course, were awarded with wonderful gifts on behalf of the Community. Boys and girls were really happy, and we're equally happy to be able to make their day and to have these wonderful enthusiasts in Ecuador. :)) Dear friends, we'd like to express our most heartfelt thanks for your humanism and good-heartedness!
    • MMM Thailand has been working in a stable manner, just like before, but they haven't had offline events for quite a while… Finally, last week the situation was remedied — active guides arranged several great meetings at cafés and in the offices. People of all ages came to the meetings — and they talked in comfy surroundings, in a friendly atmosphere. Thanks a lot, guys, for gathering people and teaching them about our Community. Keep that effort! ;-))
    • The team from Indonesia also hosted several awesome offline events where MMM enthusiasts met people who had never heard about the Community. As a result, the number of MMM members has risen noticeably! Another high-profile event was a charity event on behalf of MMM to celebrate the Independence Day. The event was huge and joyful — all attendees were satisfied. Well done! ;-))
    • We're delighted that the Peruvians continue to be adamant in their desire to study at the MMM's free school. Last week was another huge graduation — we're expressing our congratulations to the graduates and wishing them a successful “career”! We would also like to note the favorable attitude of MMM Peru's Administration to the Community and Sergey Mavrodi personally. One of the administrators even said the System was his life — those are really kind words. By the way, on October 4 MMM Peru will celebrate its anniversary with a huge event on a grand scale — for 15,000 invitees! It's going to be legendary! :))
    • In China, we'd like to express a special gratitude to the employees of the Cryptocurrency Support Department. They used to consult on Bitcoin only — now they can offer advice on Litecoin and Ethereum, too. They have been handling their duties wonderfully. We're proud to have such employees! :))
    • Last week, MMM Australia arranged a webinar on “How to get free bitcoins”. The attendees came away with loads of useful information and were really satisfied.
    • As always, Mavronews from Africa have a lot of interesting items. Have fun watching the news! ;-))
    • Guides from MMM RSA have been wonderfully active. Last week, they arranged successful events in multiple cities of the Country where they introduced the people to the Community's vision and invited them to join us. Keep it up!
    • For the last two weeks, African countries have been having contests where MMM members are awarded prizes for promoting MMM. More and more people get interested in these contests. People were twice as active in the second week, as compared to the first week. It's great news!
    • Members of MMM Zimbabwe can now use their personal Landing Pages to invite new users to the System. This innovation has been really efficient and useful — the number of members at MMM Zimbabwe has been growing at a more rapid pace.
    • The proactive attitude of the guides from Kenya, Ghana and Turkey has been exemplary, as always. The guys have arranged a great number of offline events to all tastes. As always, it was perfect and high-profile! :))
    • MMM Ghana officially launched a long-anticipated call center. MMM Administration hired a lot of young, talented, ambitious people who are eager to promote the Community. Ghana operations will run even better than before. Yay!
    • Compassionate guides from Nigeria made a really fine gesture. They found out on Facebook that a critically ill woman was in urgent need of a surgery that costs 400,000 naira. United under the slogan “We can change the world!”, they gathered the missing 300,000 naira and thus helped save her life. Many thanks to all of you, dear friends. We call upon everyone to follow this exemplary lead! Moreover, MMM Nigeria became a sponsor of the Displaced Women and Children Foundation (DWCF) charitable institutions. The support of the Community helped over 350 families from a camp for refugees from the Central Nigeria to receive food and medication. Heartfelt thanks to each one of you to have taken part in this charitable act!
    • MMM Philippines has been developing rapidly. Both administrators and regular users are extra active which benefits the entire Community. We receive more and more Good Luck video letters with every passing day. Keep it up, guys! Remember: the sky is the limit — continue to promote the system, and we'll become stronger and more stable!
    • India hosted an awesome seminar involving over 400 persons. A discussion of MMM vision was followed by a large-scale show with bikers and motorists wearing MMM symbols, and a cultural program for special guests — politicians and employees of the social services. MMM India's Administration expressed a special gratitude to Sergey Mavrodi for this opportunity to improve the life of simple folk.
    • MMM Turkey launched a convenient program of return of old Mavros to make it more useful for the members and the System overall. They also started a new large-scale contest with some awesome prizes that have already caused a fierce fight. We're really happy to see this proactive attitude! ;-))
    The Best Testimonials

    We will continue to tell you about the best Testimonial sent to us by grateful MMM members from all countries of the world. We're really delighted to watch these letters because they show how simple people become really happy thanks to the Community and get a chance to a new life which they surely deserve!

    Below are three super-videos from our grateful members:

    Photos and videos:

    All the photos you can find here:

    As a Final Note

    Here's the bright and optimistic mosaic we've collected this time. As you can see, the Community is developing actively all around the world which is truly wonderful. All member countries contribute to the strengthening of MMM — at this pace, we will rapidly reach the desired goal and will build a new just world where everyone will live happily and achieve success. Together, we're the force than cannot be opposed. Keep up the good work, friends!

    Thank you for your attention! See you next week!

    Best regards,
    MMM Administration
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