Official News 28.11.2017 Emotional sustainability: say “no” to stress

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    The МММ Community is building a new fair world where everyone will live happily and become prosperous. If you are stressed out constantly, you will not be able to reach success. Emotional sustainability is a key to maintaining psychic and physical health. Positive thinking relieves stress and fight depression. Look at your life optimistically and you will easily achieve the goals.

    How to fight stress
    • Focus on positive things. Have a sense of humour about any circumstances and assess problems adequately. Don’t rush in panic - calm down and take a little time to comprehend the situation. If you don’t treat usual problems as a world-scale tragedy, it will be a hundred times easier to solve them.
    • Recall positive moments. If your mood has been soured, switch to something positive. Recall pleasant minutes and feel emotions that you have experienced earlier. So you will get away from upsetting thoughts and hearten up.
    • Trust yourself. You have surely encountered difficulties for several times and have successfully overcome them. Remember hard life moments and ways you addressed them. You are a strong person who copes with issues perfectly.
    • Give vent to negative emotions. People feel better when they get things off their chest. If you don’t want to tell your family about problems, have an appointment with a psychologist or enroll in an anonymous group. You might even try talking to yourself. Unbosom yourself and get rid of inner worries.
    • Forgive yourself and others. Making mistakes, you gain life experience. Don’t punish yourself for the mistakes but draw conclusions. If somebody has hurt you - don’t be angry with them. Everyone behaves based on their manners. Ignore offenders and don’t pay attention to their words, always stay positive.
    A stress-tolerant person relentlessly pursues life goals. Failures are unable to lead them astray. Therefore develop emotional sustainability and seek positive things in any situations. Join MMM, get high interest rates of your Provide Help sum and achieve success!
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