Official News 28.12.2017 3 Exercises to Develop Emotional Stability

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    The MMM Community is building a new just world where anyone may become happy and successful. Success is only attained by strong people who can control their emotions. They live a happy life, make the right decisions and enjoy life to the full. Develop emotional stability with the help of these exercises.
    • Contemplate the beautiful. Do this exercise for 20–30 min on a daily basis. If you live in a house, go out into the yard and look at a tree or a flower. Focus on the harmony around you. For city dwellers a bench in a park will be the right spot. Sit down on the bench and enjoy natural beauty. An alternative is buying a beautiful landscape painting to contemplate. You will become calmer and more contemplative. You will start noticing things you've never noticed before.
    • Exercise a calm look. Move on to this exercise after you're good at the first one. Learn to look at people calmly without taking your eyes off. Look at a person as a whole, not at a certain spot. Don't evaluate their appearance, just try to remember the image. This is how you can learn to perceive calmly unpleasant opponents.
    • Make a table. Make four columns on a page. Include events that didn't stir your emotions in the first column. Those that caused slight excitement — in the second column. Those that caused average excitement — in the third column. Those that really made you lose your temper — into the fourth column. Make notes on a daily basis, try making notes as soon as possible after an event happens. Before going to bed re-assess your attitude to the same events. What do you feel towards these moments — do they still drive you mad? You probably overreacted in the heat of the moment. After the reassessment remake the table on a new sheet of paper, and you'll see that you didn't have to worry in many cases. This will teach you to think before you react.
    Refine yourself, be the master of your emotions. Join MMM, earn a high percentage of the help provided and live a positive life.
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