Official News 29.01.2018 Bitcoin Entering the Global Financial Market

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    You can contribute to MMM using one of the two options: fiat (usual) currencies or cryptocurrencies. We recommend using the second option as it's a lot more profitable and promising.
    Bitcoin, being the first cryptocurrency in the world, continues to conquer the financial market — quite successfully, for that matter.

    A short while ago, CBOE and CME Group launched Bitcoin futures

    On December 11, Chicago-based CBOE Options Exchange started trading in Bitcoin futures. Later, one of the world's biggest commodity exchanges — CME Group — also officially announced the start of trading in cryptocurrency futures on December 18, 2017.
    Futures are securities that obligate both transaction parties to buy and sell a commodity or another instrument within the agreed timescale at the agreed price.
    Experts believe that the launch of the Bitcoin futures is going to raise additional capital for this financial instrument. This is a sign for institutional investors that Bitcoin is a normal, healthy investment asset that is going to steadily rise in value in the future. It's the launch of the futures that has significantly contributed to the fast rise in Bitcoin's price.

    Stock market moguls put their trust in Bitcoin

    Bitcoin futures result from a growing consumer demand for the digital gold and confidence regarding its high potential. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have a glittering future — in the nearest decade they're going to gain broader acceptance around the globe. This is the stance taken by the leading stock market moguls.
    The launch of the futures is the first and vital step to take Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency world to a whole new level. It's another important breakthrough for the digital gold in the financial world that is going to trigger change in the entire financial system.
    In our turn, we recommend you again to use cryptocurrencies to contribute to MMM as you can see yourselves how profitable and promising they are. Join MMM, earn a high percentage of the help provided and keep pace with the times!
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