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Official News 29.09.2016 MMM Community Development Task: Create MMM Fan Page on Facebook

Discussion in 'MMM Nigeria - English' started by Indy, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. Indy

    Indy Administrator

    Last week we told how to create a group on Facebook. This week we want to give instructions and encourage you to create a Fan Page of your team. For promotion of MMM on Facebook you should have both you own group and your own page.

    Please click on the link and follow the instructions:

    Performing the tasks we give more strength and exposure to MMM. Have fun and develop the Community, doing MMM tasks!

    ATTENTION!!! We want to collect more information about the popular Nigerian information sources.
    Please fill in the form to assist:

    By our efforts, MMM Nigeria will overcome!

    P.S. The previous Community Development Tasks:
    1. Share Posts from MMM Nigeria Fanpage http://goo.gl/8umTv8
    2. Conduct a presentation on WhatsApp http://goo.gl/WM6tBI
    3. Share your progress with MMM http://goo.gl/jT5Swt
    4. Change cover photo and add more friends on FB https://goo.gl/57oFBF
    5. Create Group & Conduct Presentation on Facebook https://goo.gl/eqtzom
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