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    MMM opportunity presentation at Jumuia Hotel in Kisumu | MMM East Africa

    MMM is growing rapidly in Kenya as most of the people now attend in numbers to meetings held weekly by guiders.
    This time Guider Jacob Awili was explaining to guests who attended a meeting at the Jumuia Hotel in Kenya. Some members were putting on green MMM Tshirts.Jacob articulated to guests what MMM stood for. He said it stood for Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox. He further explained each term. Mavrodi is the founder of MMM who is Russian. He is the one who started the intelligent unique idea of mutual aid donations amongst members. Mondial means its global and is in 118 countries worldwide with over 250 million people. Moneybox means it is hand to hand donations. He said MMM made people financially independent from banks. Bankers earn one hundred times more than employees who do most of the work. But in MMM money is mutually sent between members.

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    MMM Presentation at Zaka Phineas Motel-Masvingo | MMM East Africa

    MMM spreads its wings to every town here in Zimbabwe.MMM guider Wellington Makanda organized this event to introduce the ideology and explain how the MMM system works.He explained to those that attended the presentation that MMM is a mutual aid donation exchange and its participants donate with their spare money willingly.
    He went on and shared the brief history of MMM and that the founder of MMM Sergey Mavrodi came up with this idea to help people free themselves from financial bondage. His aim was to create a fair world financial order. MMM has first challenges like any other community but through these challenges Sergey Mavrodi perfected his idea. He came up with this ideology and launched it globally in 2014.
    He took them through the registration process reminding them to participate with spare money. He encouraged them to join this community as it has helped millions of its participants earn their financial freedom.
    MMM is the real deal!

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