Official News 29.11.2017 The МММ Community calls: don’t waste your life away - live to your advantage

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    The МММ Community is building a fair world where everyone will be happy and prosperous. In order to achieve life goals faster, don’t waste your life away. A lot of people waste their time in vain and even aren’t aware of it. By which criteria can it be defined and how to solve the problem?

    A complete waste of time
    • Problem. You spend a lot of time playing computer games or messing around the social networks. You like drinking beer or wine in front of the TV on weekends. It’s pointless - life merely passes by. When you do that, your time is being spent in vain.
    • Solution. Reconsider your attitude to life. Be involved in personal development. Read interesting books, go hiking, make new friends. Be helpful to others, give assistance the needy, do good deeds.
    The habit of complaining
    • Problem. You are complaining about your life all the time. Say that things are worsening every day. Your salary, relationships with family and neighbours, and etc are not good enough for you. You fill your life with negativity that hinders your progress.
    • Solution. Throw away negative emotions. Stop looking for imperfections in the world around. The issue is within you. Fill your life with positive things, devote more time to your family. Change your job, join the MMM Community, improve a relationship with your neighbours. Take actions and don’t complain. Then you life will change.
    • Problem. You waste your money. Make purchases guided by momentary impulse. Take loans and buy expensive things that you don’t need in fact. Consequently, the budget has been allocated incorrectly, you are short of money.
    • Resolution. Learn to manage income wisely. Even being paid a low salary, people are capable of accumulating savings. Think over every purchase. Don’t buy things that you can do without. Spend the money on something really interesting, necessary, useful - and on achieving life goals.
    The МММ Community calls on you not to waste your life away. Devote some quality time to yourself and those around you. Participate in MMM, get high interest rates of your Provide Help sum and evolve. Strive for your goals and reach them!
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