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    MMM Presentation at Ngoqokazi Inanda|MMM South Africa (11 december 2016)

    MMM continue spreading its wings all over the south african lands.Guider of MMM Brenda Khumalo organized an opportunity presentation to teach the local of this town on the ideology of MMM and how the system works.
    First she dismissed the rumour media has been spreading about MMM collapsing. There is no way MMM can collapse. This is a community of people selflessly helping each other out. MMM collects no money and has no central account where participants deposits their money. This MMM system only matches those who want to donate to those who need help at that moment.
    She went on and taught them on the ideology of MMM. It is not only about money but about changing this unjust financial system of this world we live in. If we put our heads together we can overcome and win this completely.
    Viva MMM!!!

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    MMM Presentation at Woodview Secondary School-Durban|MMM South Africa (17 december 2016)

    Through presentations MMM has gained a lot of popularity. Through them thousands of South Africans have managed to put decent food on the table. The key to unlocking the financial gates is MMM and despite the challenges the community has faced it has emerged stronger than before.
    Guider Jaaved Omar delivered an awesome presentation to this presentation held at Woodview Secondary School. Sharing the ideology of MMM he first calmed down their fear of the past events encouraging the attendees to understand the ideology first so they may understand how MMM works.
    In MMM it is important to use spare money every time one makes a contribution. MMM believes in honesty and kindness. He encouraged them to ask where ever they did not understand so he can guide them fully.
    Join MMM today and take a step to financial freedom!
    Long Live MMM!!!

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    MMM Presentation at Dikonia Centre - Durban|MMM South Africa (18 december 2016)

    MMM guider Mhlonipheni continues to spread MMM ideology in Durban. In a presentation held at the Dikonia community hall he encouraged the attendees to join this community and take a step to liberate themselves from financial poverty. With MMM there is hope for a brighter future.
    He shared more on the details of how the MMM system works. In MMM everything is spelled out and laid bare all you have to do is read and understand the ideology. There are no guarantees in this community but so far MMM pays.After restart measures were implemented so that people can participate safely.This community started in 2011 in Russia by Sergey Mavrodi. His aim is to create a free and just distribution of funds.
    In 2014 MMM was launched globally and it has helped millions of its members donate directly to each other.He went on and encouraged them to try this system from with as little as R100.
    Together we can do more!!!

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