Official News 30.01.2017 MMM gives a chance to win iphone 7 — a cool New Year gift!

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    We know how much you appreciate this wonderful holiday. We respect your national traditions and want to please you with a surprise.

    Our mutual aid Community announces a new exciting contest — make a bright new year photo and win the iPhone 7. You can give it to beloved ones or keep it for yourself — it will be your gift for the New Year. It’s cool, isn’t it? ;-))

    Have your photo taken with festive attributes in new year costumes against the background of beautiful dragons, or a photo in the family circle, with friends. Show how you prepare for the upcoming holiday, how you celebrate. Use your imagination! ;-))

    It can be any photo, the main thing — new year theme. However, the more creative it is, the more chances you have to win ;-)) Use imagination, invent interesting stories and win the new iPhone 7!

    The MMM mutual aid Community launches a new contest — Global New Year. Make a new year photo and get a chance to win Apple iPhone 7 128 GB!

    Who can participate

    Every adult Chinese citizen is allowed to take part, even if he/she does not participate in MMM. Tell your friends about the contest and encourage them to compete with you!

    What to do
    1. Take an interesting new year photo.
    2. Write on the photo: “I am participating in the Global New Year contest”.
    3. Post the photo on your Weibo page. Say that you participate in the Global New Year contest and ask your friends to like your post.
    4. Send a link to your post to the moderator of our group
    Obligatory terms
    1. You and voting for you people must be subscribed to our official page in Weibo and stay subscribers till the end of the contest. -
    2. Boosting likes (activating bots, buying likes in companies, etc.) is forbidden. For this you will be disqualified.
    How to win

    The winner is determined by the number of likes. The participant who will get the most likes will receive a prize.

    Contest duration

    The contest will be held for 4 days — from February 2 to February 5, inclusively. After February 6 the contest results will be calculated, and new likes will not be taken into account.


    There is one winner in the contest who will get the Apple iPhone 7 128 GB.
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