Official News 30.06.2017 Now you can use your personal Landing Page for attracting newbies!

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    Dear participants! From now on, a link to your personal Landing Page is available in your PO. This is a single-page website with the advertising content and information about MMM, which contains your referral link. All the new members registered through this site become your referrals.

    How does it work?
    • You place your link on Landing Page forums, social media, or just send it to another person using private message, and etc.
    • Clicking the link, a person gets to the single-page website and gains insight into that. The site contains the properly designed MMM advertisement with a call to registration.
    • When the person decides to become an MMM member and gets registered through the site — he becomes your referral and you can get all the bonuses to which you are entitled.
    Now you don’t have to promote MMM and call to join the system on your own. We did everything for you — the only thing you need is merely share the personal Landing Page URL. Currently, it is simpler and more convenient to attract new members.

    Of course, no one prevent you from attracting newbies using a referral link. It’s up to you. :)) The referral link is available in your PO too. We have just gave you another option to build your own team.

    Your Landing Page URL can be found in the “Referrer” section of your PO (just below the usual referral link). Feel free to use it. :))


    Sincerely yours,
    MMM Administration
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