Official News 30.08.2017 5 Mistakes on the Way to Being Wealthy

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    The MMM Mutual Aid Community has been created with the goal of building a just world where each one of us will live a happy life. Its members help each other financially and earn a percentage of the help provided on a monthly basis. MMM is everyone's chance to become wealthy.

    However, one mustn't forget that money is drawn by those who value it and tries to boost it. People often make certain mistakes on their way to being wealthy. Here's the top 5 mistakes.

    Mistake No. 1 — No Striving for Better Things

    You make a mistake when you become self-complacent and stop striving to achieve better things. To be successful, you need to always move forward. Therefore, never rest on your laurels even if you think you're really well-off.

    Mistake No. 2 — Single Source of Income

    Even if a single source of income earns you a good deal of money, you cannot totally rely on it. Anything can happen. Imagine if this source of income suddenly disappears. What then? Find at least 2 or 3 sources of income and spare yourself the risks. One of such sources — and one with a stable and high income — could be your membership in MMM.

    Mistake No. 3 — Comparing Oneself with Others to Soothe Oneself

    Here's how most people reason: “Lots of people live paycheck to paycheck, and it works for them — they don't die; I can do it, too. In a year I might have a rise of salary — I'll be able to afford more then.” Such reasoning won't take you too far. A rise of salary is surely a good thing, but it cannot make you financially independent. Don't mind those who have a worse or equal level of living. Look up to those who are better off than you. But don't be jealous — see them as a model.

    Mistake No. 4 — Saving for Saving's Sake

    Saving is a good thing, but don't confuse it with meanness. Don't sock away all of your saved money for a rainy day — let it work for you. To become wealthy, invest the money you've saved to generate more income. MMM is a perfect way to do that. As a result, saving will generate additional profit — this is exactly what people striving to be financially independent would do.

    Mistake No. 5 — Showing Off

    Don't buy expensive clothes, chic watches, phones and other accessories just to impress others. You won't become wealthy if you always waste your money on showing off. Wealthy people do indulge in luxury, but they have some serious wealth behind them. Do you have it, too? Spend your money wisely — then you are sure to have something you can boast of.

    The MMM Community gives everyone a chance to become financially independent. Spend your money the right way, don't make mistakes — and you'll succeed!
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