Official News 30.10.2017 Loans Have Been Making People Bankrupt Since Ancient Times

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    MMM is a mutual aid community. Here, members help each other financially and are paid a high percentage of the help provided. Together, we're building a just world where everyone will find their happy ever-after. A world where people will no longer be slaves to banks and governments.

    People have been held hostage in loan traps since ancient times. Initially, everyone was tricked on by pawnbrokers. They were terribly disliked, but their services were in demand — they were, like, there was no other choice… Today, banks practice the same kind of swindle — it's official and backed by the state.

    Fast Facts about Loans
    • Archeologists have found proof that lending flourished as far back as ancient Egypt and Babylon. In VIII c. BC, there were active pawnbrokers and sales of securities, the so-called “hudu”.
    • King Hammurabi who was seen as Babylon's wise sovereign sold children of debtors into life-long slavery for non-payment of debts.
    • The first Swiss bank opened in late XIX century. As of 2017, the country has 450 banks with a total capital of $52 tln. It's an impressive level of earnings at the expense of people in such a short period of time.
    • In 1179, Pope Alexander III placed bankers under the ban. Bankers were not allowed to go to confession and make communion, it was forbidden to give them a Christian burial. Officially, this law was never abolished.
    • In ancient Greece mortgage was called “hypotheke”. It was an inscription on a sign installed by creditors on debtor's land. It meant that if this person failed to settle up debts, their property would be distributed to creditors.
    One could cite many examples of this kind. As you can see, governments and bankers have been cashing in on ordinary people since olden times and view it as totally natural.

    However, the MMM Community disagrees — this is why we're building a new just world where people won't be squeezed dry for no reason whatsoever. Join MMM, earn a high percentage of the help provided and support our vision. Together, we're a tremendous force than can defeat injustice.
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