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    Welcome dear friends! We want to share with you a short summary of the past week's’ events on our MMM planet!

    The main goal of the MMM Community is to build a new fair world for the ordinary people. In this world, everybody will obtain the financial freedom and will be able to make the dreams true. MMM is a chance for everyone to become happy and successful, get the maximum benefits and reach any goals. Don’t miss this chance! Participate in MMM actively -- help other people and improve your own welfare. You are on the right way, just don’t leave it under any circumstances, believe in yourself and in our ideology!

    And now, let’s review the events of the recent week in different MMM countries. As usual, we start with the news from the cryptocurrencies world.

    МММ and Cryptocurrencies
    • On October, 29th a new price record of Bitcoin was registered. That day the price increased up to $6345, and it is a new historical maximum. The Bitcoin capitalization exceeded $104 bln, and the domination index amounted to 57.7%. It is also necessary to note that other cryptocurrencies are also growing. Consequently, the overall capitalization of the cryptocurrencies market has now reached $180 bln.
    • Last week, the co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak expressed his opinion about Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Particularly, he said that Bitcoin is better than gold on a series of characteristics. Wozniak believes that although gold has limited supplies nobody knows how much gold supplies there are in the world. Regarding Bitcoin, the emission of Bitcoin is restricted to a certain quantity as it is a strict mathematical calculation. The limited emission gives Bitcoin a large advantage compared to the fiat money, and the authorities can print as much money as they need and whenever they need. Wozniak called dollar “placebo”, and Bitcoin — “real and authentic”. Besides, he said that he invested in Bitcoin and bought cryptocurrency at the price of $700.
    • According to the recent data of the British analytical company Autonomous NEXT, today there are 124 investment funds all over the world, and they are specialized on the cryptocurrency investments. They are called hedge funds. According to the data of this company, at the beginning of September of the current year the number of hedge funds amounted to 55, or 2.2 times less. At the same time, 90% of the current companies were founded in 2017. The total turnover of the assets of the hedge funds amounts to about $2.3 bln. As you can see, the development of the cryptocurrency investment market is very fast that confirms high perspectivity of the digital money.

    And now, a short review of the main events of the last week in different MMM countries
    • МММ Brazil continues to develop actively, the guiders apply all efforts. They actively hold home meetings, and in the recent two weeks they have organized more than 350 events. We encourage such format of communication with the potential newcomers as it helps to improve the atmosphere and trust between the participants. Last week, the guiders held about 20 large events, the largest one gathered 500 guests. Generally, guys are doing their best, and the Community becomes more popular. Well done! Keep it up! Great job! ;-))
    • Leaders from MMM India continue to hold charity events for hungry people. Thanks to them, last week 250 people got food supplies. In the modern world, many people don’t have money even for food… This is the cruel reality, and MMM is constantly fighting against it. Dear participants, we call each of you to provide help to those who really need it. Don’t stay indifferent — help as you can, and be merciful. Obviously, we express our gratitude to the organizers of this wonderful charity event. Guys, you are doing a really kind deed — you save people’s lives and make them believe in the tomorrow. Thank you so much!
    • In our last digest, we told you about wonderful celebration of the first MMM Peru anniversary. Last week, the guiders held a charity event to mark this memorable date. They provided foods to the poor people. During the event, MMM leaders pronounced their speeches for the public and explained the ideology and goals of our Community. At the same time, they heard a lot of grateful responses. People thanked MMM and its leader Sergey Mavrodi for the provided help. At the end of the event, the guests started to dance their national dances. :)) Dear friends, thank you for promoting MMM! You improve the mood of other people and prove that MMM takes care about each of us. Your work is really great!
    • МММ Ecuador continues to develop and strengthen successfully. The local guiders constantly carry out events for the attraction of new members. After each meeting, the number of our participants grows. New active members join the system as they are really interested to improve their life and the lives of other ordinary people. We thank our guiders for their notable contribution to the development of the System, we appreciate each new participant! Having more members makes us stronger. Let’s prove that people united by the common goal can build a new fair world for everybody!:))
    • Our leaders from MMM Australia continue to show creative approach, and explain the principles of the Community both to the current and potential members. This time, they recorded an interesting video sharing the “secret formula” of the success in MMM. Just in one day, they reached unbelievable results. You can watch the video here:
    • Friends, thank you so much! You give useful tips and help other people to understand the unlimited opportunities of MMM. Good job! Keep it up, guys! ;-))
    • Don’t miss a new Mavronews edition. As usual, you will find a lot of interesting and useful information:
    • Wonderful news from Egypt! MMM is gaining its momentum thanks to our leaders from Kenya. These guys are full of enthusiasm and power, and we are extremely pleased. In three weeks, they applied a lot of efforts for the development of our Community in the country and got their first positive results. However, the mission of our guiders hasn’t finished yet — they still remain in Egypt in order to coordinate the further development, formation and strengthening of MMM. Last week, they held several meetings in Alexandria and drew up the plan for the further development of the Community in the country. Well done guys! We are proud of your work! ;-))
    • The things are going wonderful in MMM Indonesia. The Community develops stably, the participants provide and get help actively. Guys, we call you to be even more active and remember that our power is mutual help. Only we can help ourselves to obtain the financial freedom. Only together we can break the current stereotypes that justify financial and social inequality. Continue to provide help to each other, invite new members, improve your welfare and change the world to better!
    • MMM RSA continues to experiment an emotional rise. The participants provide help actively, invite newcomers, send us a lot of Testimonials with gratitudes. At the same time, we are pleased that you can live better and don’t feel need in anything. For that, it is necessary to unite and feel the ideology of MMM. Therefore, continue to develop and show to the world that together we are strong! ;-))
    • MMM China proves its firm unity. Last week, the number of PH increased significantly, and we are extremely pleased. This powerful nation can change the world for better. Friends, we are proud of you, we believe in you and wish you prosperity! :))
    • Our leaders from MMM Kenya and MMM Ghana continue to please us with their activity. They constantly develop our Community, hold offline events in different formats — business training, friendly meetings in the cafes etc. Well done, guys! Your purposefulness gives excellent results, therefore move forward and follow your way. With your active position in the promotion of MMM, we will reach our goals faster and will build a new fair world for everybody. Besides, our guiders from MMM Kenya carried out the charity event in a small village. During the event, the inhabitants of the village got food supplies, and felt extremely grateful to our Community. And we want to thank the organizers of this event for friendly and cheerful atmosphere. We repeat once again — well done, guys! :))
    • Everything is excellent in MMM Philippines. Our participants are positive and active as usual. Last week, we got a lot of positive Testimonials! Keep it up, friends! We are pleased and wish you further prosperity. Promote our Community, strengthen it and invite new members. The stability of MMM depends on us, and on each of you! Don’t forget that together we are changing the world! We wish you success! :))

    Best Testimonials

    And now, we traditionally publish our best Testimonials from our happy participants. They are grateful for the help from MMM and for the opportunity to change their lives for better.

    At the same time, we are pleased that we help ordinary people to improve their welfare and make their dreams true! :)) So, enjoy watching our best Testimonials:

    To finish with

    So, now you know how was the week in different MMM countries. Making the conclusion we can state that MMM develops quickly. We are not going to stop. Sooner or later, our Community will unite the whole world, and the justice will overcome!

    Dear participants, if each of you makes even a small contribution to the development of MMM we will surely reach our goal. Therefore, we call you to promote our Community so that it becomes stronger day after day. And you will surely get benefits. Participating in MMM, you improve your own welfare and get the chance to obtain the financial freedom and make your life happier.

    Tell your friends and acquaintances about MMM, write posts in the social networks and on forums where you can do it, hold online and offline events like our active guiders from different countries. Enroll in the free MMM School — in 11 days you will learn the most efficient ways for the attraction of new members, and will build your own structures.

    Your life depends on you. Don’t miss your chance. Live better instead of making the ends meet. MMM gives you a wonderful opportunity to change your future and the future of your children. Use this chance! Together we are changing the world!

    Thank you for your attention, see you next week!

    Best regards,
    MMM Administration
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