Official News 30.12.2016 Regarding waiting period for Mavro confirmation

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    Dear participants,

    Now we are receiving a lot of letters concerning an excessive (over several months) waiting period for Mavro confirmation for PHs via banks.

    We have repeatedly explained our position on this matter — everything is done for the sake of the system’s stability, safety and etc. That all this is for the good of the system. In fact, it is in your best interest. (It is better to wait for some time but know that they system operation is secure and stable, isn't it? :)) In addition we posted a great number of thank-you letters of the participants who wrote that despite such long waiting time, all of them, eventually, had received their money with all accrued percentage and are very happy now. So, we did our best! We did everything in our power.

    But our efforts were useless. There are still a lot of dissatisfied participants. Some of them even say that they just want to get back all their money and never participate again.

    So, we will grant you such an opportunity. (We mean you will be able to get your money back. As for your further participation in the system &mdash it’s up to you :))

    From now on, all the participants who have been waiting for their Mavro confirmation over a month have an option to return their initial payment along with 10% of this amount. This means that all your accrued percentage and bonuses will be cancelled, and the sum you will get back will consist of your a full amount of initial payment and extra 10% of help provided. You will be able to get this money instantly (apparently, within several days); you will not need to wait for anything.:))

    The procedure is as follows: you will receive an order for confirmation which you will pay and then get your initial payment with 10% added.


    If you decide to do that, press the “Initial Payment +10%" button in the PO.

    We hope (very much!) that you will stop complaining like "but we need to wait so long!", and we will not have to waste our time and energy on these never-ending explanations. Don't you want to wait? Get back your initial payment + 10%. It is also a big amount; none of bank can offer you a 10% growth (even per year! :))

    Best regards,

    Together We Change the World!
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