Official News 31.08.2017 Why Using Bitcoin is More Profitable than Making Bank Transfers

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    You can contribute to the MMM Community in one of two ways — via bank transfers or using the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. The second option is safer, faster and more profitable. Let's explore why.

    Bitcoin is an international digital currency based on a computer code. Bitcoin is not owned by the states, companies or private persons. As a result, Bitcoin has become the world's first decentralized payment instrument. Money transfers are peer-to-peer — with no intermediaries between the sender and the recipient.

    5 Advantages of Bitcoin over Bank
    • Robust Security. No one can lock a Bitcoin wallet. Bitcoin does not depend on central banks, local and international laws, religion and other things. Banks and the government cannot control your bitcoins — you're the only one with access to them.
    • Economical Transactions Worldwide. Transfer fees are a lot lower than bank fees and do not depend on the transfer amount or destination. You can transfer money to anyone worldwide, and the fee will remain unchanged.
    • Convenience. Unlike bank transactions, Bitcoin transactions can run 24/7. You're the one to decide when you want to transfer money.
    • Immediate transfers. On average, bank transfers take 3–5 working days to be completed. In most cases bitcoins are transferred within a matter of minutes.
    • Inflation Protection. National currencies see their rates falling by 1–20 % annually (sometimes more). Bitcoin is backed by the limited number of units — 21 mln — making it inflation-proof. Even though its rate may fluctuate a little, in general it's constantly on the rise.

    Popularity of the cryptocurrency is growing because people don't have to spend money on fees and can rapidly exchange money worldwide. Over the long term, the world's national currencies could blend into a single digital currency — Bitcoin.

    MMM and Bitcoin share a common vision: they strive to defeat social inequality, rid people of bank dependence and build a just world. Contribute to MMM using Bitcoin and create a new future!
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