Official News 31.10.2016 Call Center Operators Wanted!

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    We are looking for PROFESSIONAL consultants to fill our online consultancy staffing.
    You will get great rewards for your work:
    • Every consultant will have possibility to get from 5% to 15% of participants’ PH.
    • If participants decided to join your MMM structure, you will get 5% more as a bonus.
    We are recruiting ordinary participants of our Community only.
    Responsibilities: calling clients from the company’s database, developing your down line and getting referral bonuses. Informing and assisting. NOT selling.
    Requirements: good knowledge of Chineese and English. Computer and a good Internet connection. Responsibility. Discipline. Good knowledge of MMM-community rules and conditions, good communicational skills. Experience of working in online consultancy appreciated!
    Working conditions: you will have no limited shift — your target will be 50 calls per day. Home-based work. Training. Professional development, career growth.
    If you are active, responsible and willing to develop in our community — don’t hesitate to fill in the form!
    We will check your communicational skills and train it in the best way!!!
    Together we will change the world!
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