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    People can have all kinds of problems, but there's nothing quite like health issues. If you have health concerns, all other issues automatically take a back seat.

    Unfortunately, not all of us can boast of sound health. There are thousands of deadly diseases out there requiring expensive treatments that cannot be paid for by ordinary wages you can get at an ordinary job. Sometimes people have to spend hundreds of times more on treatment than they can earn. And no one will ever give you treatment for free…

    People have no money to pay for the treatment of grave illnesses

    A health insurance policy can only cover a small portion of expenses (if any at all), especially if a person needs an expensive, complicated treatment. For instance, to cure cancer, people often appeal to ordinary people for financial support via forums, social networks and other communication channels. Only if compassionate people rise to the call and donate money, there is a chance for recovery.

    However, ordinary people often lack money themselves which is why they sometimes cannot rise to the call even if they really want to. Those are the unfair ways of today's financial system that prevents people from having a happy life. This is why MMM is building a new world where each person will be financially independent.

    MMM help ordinary people

    Thanks to MMM, a lot of sick people have overcome their illnesses and started a happy life.

    We call upon each of you to actively participate in the Community's activities — the life of a person requesting help might depend on you. Think about it and don't be callous.

    MMM is building a world based on mutual help — this is the main principle of our vision. We can defeat the existing injustice and create a new world — a world of kindness, compassion and justice — by uniting only. Continue to actively provide help to other MMM members for the common good!
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