Alphabetical advice to Mavriodians

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    *A B C*
    Avoid Boring Company..

    *D E F*
    Don't Entertain Fools..

    *G H I*
    Go for High Ideas .

    *J K L M*
    Just Keep a friend like ME..

    *N O P*
    Never Overlook the Poor

    *Q R S*
    Quit Reacting to Silly tales..

    *T U V*
    Tune Urself for your Victory.

    *W X Y Z*
    We Xpect You to Zoom ahead in life.

    Very ....beautiful lines please store it.
    *ONE Good FRIEND is equal to ONE Good Medicine.*
    *Six Best Doctors in the World-*

    1. Sunlight
    2. Rest
    3. Exercise
    5.Self Confidence

    Maintain them in all stages of Life and enjoy healthy life.

    If you see the moon ..... You see the beauty of God .....

    If you see the Sun ..... You see the power of God .....

    And ....

    If you see the Mirror.
    You see the best Creation of GOD.

    So Believe in YOURSELF!

    We all are tourists and God is our travel agent who has already fixed all our Routes, Reservations and Destinations based on our personal choices.

    So, Trust Him!
    Trust yourself!!
    Enjoy the "Trip" called LIFE!!!

    This Life, will never come again. .. .Live Today!
    Take a good decision @ the right time to enjoy your life.
    PH today .....GH tomorrow.

    *MMM is too real to be ignored*
    *Mmm pays*

    Together we change the world.

    Guider spatacos
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