AlphaWallet works great with MMM Global on Android

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    We want to represent you the "AlphaWallet" for Android :

    It works perfect with the MMM Global, as it detects the Personal Office as a "Decentralized Application".
    This once again proves that MMM Global is a fully decentralized system and we can use any application that has "Crypto Wallet & DApp Browser" in one place like Alpha Wallet.

    To display test ETH (which we will transfer to you) in the AlphaWallet, you should select the Test Network. To do this, go to: Settings - Networks and click on Rinkeby
    After that, login your PO via AlphaWallet's Browser, select network to Rinkeby in upper right corner and make a deposit - click on Provide Help button on Dashboard.
    Simply and great!

    BTW, on desktop systems (Windows and iOS) we recommend to use the MetaMask wallet as an add-on for Chrome and Firefox browsers.
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    Administration Administrator

    Our guider Lucky (@luckyphoenix) made a short video of creating a deposit from the AlphaWallet app:

    Lucky, thank you very much for testing the "AlphaWallet" on Android!
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