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Discussion in 'MMM Global - English' started by Indy, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. Indy

    Indy Administrator

    Yes, I agree that it is difficult now to determine who is who. But first of all there should be no trust of the former MMM administration, which created 3MCoin and other crypto-currencies. These guys robbed all participants, and shared all funds amongst themselves that were on the MMM admin accounts at the time of the closure of the system. Now they want to cash in on the trend of the crypto currency using the MMM brand.
    All the ideological leaders of MMM, met to continue to implement the ideas of the Mavrodi, have rallied together now. We have no relation to the administration and will continue the original idea of Sergey Mavrodi - these will be MMM Global, without restrictions on all countries and without and free of theft of the administration.
    These will be a pure pyramid with the involvement of all the inhabitants of the planet for liberation from financial slavery.
    PO and the site are now under the control of thieves from the administration. Programmers are busy! Therefore, friends, and there's a bit of delay in opening MMM. Be a little patience, it will be worth it, trust and believe me.
    At the end of 2015, during the work of MMM Global, Mavrodi transferred all the management of MMM to other people (Felix, Konstantinov ..), who then appointed administrators. Then Sergey Mavrodi claimed only strategic decisions and was not aware of the scale of stealing and lawlessness in his administration that was going on in different local regions of all MMM structures.
    Everyone now wants the return of MMM Global and all error will be rectified that happened when former administration were in charge in the past two years.. which then caused closure of MMM global in 2016. So this will be the best.. stay tuned.

    Friends, there are many questions regarding the timing of the MMM launch.
    Now the new team in charge experienced lots of problems caused by previous administration. But nothing is impossible..it will be sorted..as dedicated team is busy with the issue.
    We will do everything to operate MMM as soon as possible and make it eternal.
  2. Vusi Mlambo

    Vusi Mlambo New Member

    Hi Indy! What can you say about MMM-Coin that has been launched before the passing of Mr Mavrodi, claimed to have been initiated by Mr Mavrodi himself?
    Here is their website:
  3. Indy

    Indy Administrator

  4. Ikechukwu

    Ikechukwu New Member

    Hi Indy! Is MMM glogal launching it crypto? And how can we get compensated for old mavro?
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