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    Odhiambo Fred:
    We have scam MMMGLOBAL sites everywhere and people are getting confuse over this.

    Please note that many where called but few where chosen.

    Many mmm are exiting now.

    But the question now is which one is the real mmm that is genuine and that will run all over the world.

    Like example these scam mmm sites below operate in only these countries.

    1. mmmglobal .io (it is dominated in India)

    2. Mmmglobal. global (dominated in Indonesia)

    Now the real MMM GLOBAL that is on the way to be Bron with great glory and that will run all over the whole world is Mmmglobal. world (Whole world)

    And soon the whole WORLD will hear and participate on it.

    We have only one real mmm that is genuine and excellent.

    All news are posted on mmmglobal. support.

    Together The Real Mmm Global will overcome.

    Together we will make the whole world a better place.

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