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    Dear friends! Right after the launch of MMM Global on the blockchain smart contract, many questions appeared about the fraudulent MMM BSC project (, as it is also positioned as "MMM on the Blockchain Smart Contract" and it is actively promoted now by spam-advertising. Let’s talk about that.

    MMM BSC was created by scammers who have nothing to do with MMM, but who are good at promoting websites. They developed a tricky project scheme, according to which the MMM BSC admin solely owns all the money of investors and can steal the entire balance of the project at any time, but at the same time the project is presented as a "blockchain smart contract".
    The point is that a real smart contract, such as, is completely decentralized and eliminates any theft.

    What should you do if you have already followed the scammers, bought PAX, and made a deposit in “MMM BSC”? - You will find the answer to this question at the end of the article.
    Now let's take a look at the whole fraudulent MMM BSC scheme.

    1. Contributions to BSC do not go directly to the smart contract. Depositors transfer funds to intermediate admin addresses and further, the BSC admin, by his will, adds information about client deposits to the smart contract.
    In BSC PO, everything is intentionally hidden - there is no transaction URL in your BSC Personal Office; there is no way to check the hash or check in another way where your deposit was sent.

    Neither the obligatory 2% prepayment to their "Jackpot" nor the main contribution itself go directly to the smart contract. This can be seen at the Ethereum-addresses in the official video "How to create provide help order in BSC":

    In the official MMM Global Personal Office at, all deposits go directly to the smart contract and you can verify this by clicking on the hash of each transaction on the Mavro page or by viewing the transfer address in your wallet. Everything is fair and transparent.

    2. The BSC smart contract code is closed for audit, as BSC creators fear exposing their fraudulent scheme. During the audit, you can immediately see where the money actually goes and if it is possible to transfer the entire balance of the smart contract to the admin account.

    Thus, BSC admins can stop transferring new deposits to the smart contract at any time, then getting all deposits to their account for some time, after that transfer the entire balance of the smart contract to their addresses and disappear.
    The MMM Global smart contract code is available for audit by any popular audit organization.

    3. 50% of each contribution (PH) in BSC always remains at the admin addresses. Half of all deposits!
    The first 50% of all deposits are automatically transferred to a smart contract and therefore crediting is quick enough. But a request for a second 50% deposit occurs from 1 to 15 days. And you are likely asking yourself the question - why do you need to wait for the second PH-part request if you participate in a smart contract and must transfer the whole 100% of the deposit amount right away.

    But it turns out that the BSC admin has come up with a legend about "direct transfer between the participants of the second part of the deposit", in order to collect the second 50% of the deposits directly to his admin addresses generated randomly.
    In the official MMM Global smart contract all deposits go to 100% directly to the smart contract immediately and you can verify that by the amount and address of the transfer in your wallet when creating a deposit. As usual, everything is fair and transparent.

    4. Due to the fact that under the terms of MMM BSC, before each request for withdrawal of funds (GH), a new deposit (PH) must be made in the amount not less than the previous deposit, earning profit is possible only after 4 months. And 4 months is the fastest time range - if the second part of PH is taken from you after 15 days (this way interest will be charged for 30 days). It usually takes 5-6 months!
    Thus, participation with your own funds in MMM BSC becomes a very risky venture, since within 6 months you can lose all your money.
    In the official MMM Global smart contract, the 1%-interest is available for withdrawal on the next day after the creation of the deposit. You will have complete confidence in the system and the ability to quickly improve your financial situation, starting to make a profit.

    Description of marketing and tariff plan is available by the link:

    Like other pseudo-MMM projects, MMM BSC ( has nothing to do with MMM and was created by scammers, whose purpose is the classic scheme - to collect all the money of participants and disappear after that. Remember, is THE ONLY official MMM Global website.

    What if you have already followed the scammers, bought PAX, and made a deposit in “MMM BSC”? - The answer is simple. Wait for the defrosting of your deposits, withdraw all funds and no longer participate in MMM BSC.
    After that, you can go to or and exchange your PAX’s to TRX then Withdraw your TRX to your Tron wallet and make a contribution to the official MMM Global Personal Office

    Please, inform all guiders and participants of MMM BSC about this news.
    The official MMM Global on is ready to accept back ALL participants and guiders from MMM BSC and any other MMM projects. We will unite all MMM-members around the world on a single place, at our sweet home

    MMM is finally switched to a decentralized smart contract, and other financial projects lost any advantages. You can safely register in the Personal Office because this is the dream system that you can completely trust, fearlessly make deposits and invite referrals, creating any line structures.
    This is what Sergey Mavrodi, the founder of MMM, dreamed about. With your active participation, the system will last for decades and go down in history as a phenomenon that will solve the problem of poverty throughout the world. This is a fantastic system in which every inhabitant of our planet should take part!

    Make charity and love!
    Together we can do a lot and we will change this World!
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