Happy birthday, Sergey Mavrodi !

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    Dear friends!

    Today we celebrate the 64th birthday of the creator of "MMM", our great ideological inspirer and mastermind Sergey Mavrodi!

    This day, 11 August 1955, is the greatest day in the history of MMM! The great and brave man was born, ideologist, a genius mathematician man, commander, play-writer, poet, novelist, author, an ideological inspirer for millions of MMM participants around the world, indeed a true Guru!

    Nobody knew when Mavrodi was born that it was an important day in the history of all mankind. A great man was born who was destined to change the whole world.

    Our eyes and brains were closed and short-sighted. We knew almost nothing about financial slavery and financial freedom. Thanks to a great genius of this wonderful man, now we see the light. Financial revolution was born! Nowadays everybody wants to be financially free. More and more people are fed up of being slaves to their masters. Mavrodi taught us how to break the chains of financial slavery.

    Master, know that your just and noble cause is not forgotten! It keeps living in the hearts of millions of people around the world who will always remember you!
    We are firmly moving towards our common goal - Financial Apocalypse!
    MMM banner is in safe hands! And we will carry it with honor!

    The rebirth of MMM Global all over the world is inevitable. We call on the whole world to come together and witness this crucial and great moment. The world will be amazed. We are here to give the great honour to our leader and founder of the greatest and the biggest global mutual aid society - MMM.

    Happy Birthday Dear Sergey Mavrodi!!!

    Together we change the world !
    Financial apocalypse is inevitable !

    P.S. Today, 11 August, 2019, Sergey Mavrodi would have turned 64 years old...

    RIP with love of all our hearts!

    MMM Global Team

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