How long should I wait for confirmation of the "Provide Help"

Discussion in 'MiB Team - English' started by testnameC04, Sep 18, 2017.

  1. testnameC04

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    I've created a request "Provide help." I'm waiting for a week and nothing happens (it is still marked "on the dispatcher's waiting list").

    Also I don't understand, will a recipient decide to take help proposition or the system. E.g. some user provides help of 0.023 BTC. It is relatively unique so the user will have to wait until someone needs exactly 0.023 BTC. He will wait for weeks, while requests for a round sum (e.g. 0.02 or 1.00 BTC) will be accepted more often. Is it correct?
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  2. MMM Global Support Team

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    There is some work in MMM Myanmar, soon you will get your PH-orders, please wait.

    First, you can PH and GH only X.XX BTC, not X.XXX. So, you can't GH 0.023.
    Second, we have a P2A dispatcher mode now in MMM Myanmar, so we have automatic PH confirmation and GH payment from admin BTC-wallets and you don't need to wait for matching during GH. Please wait for the PH fixing and the rest will be ok.

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