Official News How to get a free ETH and make a test deposit in MMM Global

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    Friends, if you you have read the announcement of the beginning of the test period and giving away of free ETH, we have prepared a guide for you to quickly get ETH and create a deposit to MMM Global

    1. Register your account on the test platform:

    On the registration page, enter your email and password.
    2 - Copy.png

    You will receive a code by email, which will need to be entered in the registration form.
    3 - Copy.png

    After entering the code, you will be taken to the main page of your Personal Account (Dashboard).
    4 - Copy.png

    2. Install a wallet with direct access to smart contract :
    On Windows or iOS desktop, you can download and install the Metamask wallet an add-on for Chrome or Firefox at
    On a cell phone with Android, download and install the AlphaWallet:
    On iPhone, download and install the AlphaWallet:

    3. If you install a Metamask wallet, your Personal Office will ask you to connect to your Metamask wallet:
    9 - Copy.png

    4. Send the following information via telegram to the MMM Global Support Team:
    - Email address to which your Personal Office is registered
    - Ethereum address that you can find it your wallet (ETH will be credited to it)
    8 - Copy.png

    5. Get ETH cryptocurrency for testing MMM Global!
    7 - Copy.png

    6. You can immediately proceed to create a contribution.
    5 - Copy.png

    Now there is no need to pre-enter your wallet address in your Personal Office. Your ETH address will be displayed automatically on the "Wallet" page immediately after creating a deposit.
    6 - Copy.png

    After creating the deposit, please send a screenshot from the main page of the PO (Dashboard page) to the official telegram group so we will be glad that everything worked out for you and you became a proud participant of the MMM Global on the Ethereum blockchain smart contract :)

    After testing the system, you can start participating in the real MMM GSC system at the address:
    Tariff plan and Reference guide:
    How to make a deposit:

    Make charity and love!
    Together we can do a lot and we will change this World!
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    Hello here i have metamask app and I have created account hear is my email [hidden for security reasons]
  3. MMM Global Support Team

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  4. jota

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    Precisa Você precisa das próximas etapas para receber o ETH para testar.

    1. Registre-se através do link
    2. instale a Metamask Wallet (nossa recomendação para o seu desktop) ou aplicativo móvel
    3. envie o endereço Ethereum e envie o email registrado para o serviço de suporte da MMM Global via telegrama
    4. obter criptomoeda ETH para testar o MMM global
    5. faça um PH e envie uma captura de tela do Painel ao suporte da MMM Global e ao grupo oficial de telegramas

    Dúvidas? go team support telegran @Lory_St
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