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    Friends, if you have read the announcement of the launch of MMM Global on Smart Contract, we have prepared a guide of how to create a deposit in MMM Global

    1. Register your account:
    (or ask for a referral link from our leaders listed at

    On the registration page, enter your email and password.
    2 - Copy.png

    You will receive a code by email, which will need to be entered in the registration form.
    3 - Copy.png

    After entering the code, you will be taken to the main page of your Personal Account (Dashboard).
    4 - Copy.png

    2. Install a wallet that supports direct interaction with a smart contract :
    On Windows or iOS desktop, you can download and install the Metamask wallet an add-on for Chrome or Firefox at
    On a cell phone with Android, download and install the Trust wallet:
    On iPhone, download and install the Trust wallet:

    These wallets can serve the purpose. The wallet will enable you to store, send and receive ETH and PAX.

    3. The next thing to do is to fund your wallet with ETH or PAX cryptocurrency.
    Here is a list of sites where you can buy cryptocurrency :

    And some local sites for different countries :
    Canada :
    India :
    Philippines :

    7 - Copy.png

    The PAX coin (a cryptodollar) will be convenient for those participants who have this coin in their wallet and who want to make deposits in dollars without worrying about changing the Ethereum exchange rate.

    4. Login to the Personal Office via Wallet's Browser
    If you install a Metamask wallet, your Personal Office will ask you to connect to this wallet:
    9 - Copy.png

    After that, you can immediately proceed to make a deposit (Provide Help) using the ETH and/or PAX.
    5 - Copy.png

    Our coordinator Lucky (@LuckyPhoenix) made short videos of how to create a deposit
    from Metamask wallet:

    from Trust wallet:

    There is no need to pre-enter your wallet address in your Personal Office. Your ETH address will be displayed automatically on the "Wallet" page immediately after creating a deposit :

    6 - Copy.png

    After creating the deposit, please send a screenshot from the main page of the PO (Dashboard page) to the official telegram group so we will be glad that everything worked out for you and you became a proud participant of the MMM Global on the Ethereum blockchain smart contract :)

    5. Now you can start to create your own referral structure by sending your referral link to your referrals! You can find your referral link at the 'My page' menu.
    1 - Copy.png

    6. When your deposit unfreezes, you can withdraw it (GH) with interest. Your GH will be paid to the ETH address, which you made PH from, and it was assigned to your Personal Office on the Wallet page.

    Always contact your Guider or our support team via Telegram @mmmglobal_support or @LuckyPhoenix, we are ready to assist if you are ready to explore this new system. Join our Telegram Channel and Telegram Group

    Make charity and love!
    Together we can do a lot and we will change this World!
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