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    Friends, if you have read the announcement of the launch of MMM Global on Tron Smart Contract, we have prepared a guide of how to create a deposit in MMM Global

    Steps on how to join :

    1. Download a Tron wallet that supports direct interaction with a smart contract :
    TronLink wallet on Windows PC and iOS PC:
    Klever wallet app on Android or iPhone:

    2. Install the wallet (Save 12 Phrase Codes in a safe place) and create a new TRX address.

    3. Fund up your wallet with TRX cryptocurrency in one of the following ways:
    1. Buy TRX in the Klever app using Visa/Mastercard.
    2. Buy TRX instantly and anonymously with Bank Card on the Coinswitch website -
    3. Either go to or and exchange your crypto to TRX then send your TRX to your Tron wallet.

    4. Browse to your Personal Office from Chrome (on Desktop PC) or via Klever Wallet's Browser (in the Klever app).
    *If you are following the referral link of your guider, paste the link in the browser first, refresh the page again (very important), then press Send/Go.

    5. Click "I want to Provide Help". Deposit a minimum of 500 TRX then press Provide Help and Accept.
    Note: It's important to have an extra 15 TRX on your wallet for the network fee..

    After creating the deposit, please send a screenshot from the main page of the PO (Dashboard page) to the official telegram group so we will be glad to see that everything worked out for you and you became a proud participant of the MMM Global on the Tron blockchain smart contract :)

    6. After creating the deposit, you can start to create your own referral structure by sending your referral link to your friends! You can find your referral link at the My page menu.

    7. From the next day, you can withdraw (Get Help button) interest. You will be paid to the TRX address, which you made PH from.

    If you have any questions or need a good guider, ask a guider contact and referral link at the MMM Global official Telegram Group and join our Telegram Channel

    Make charity and love!
    Together we can do a lot and we will change this World!
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