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    If you live in a country where there is no local branch of MMM, or even with the existing local branch(!), the first recommendation for you would be participation in the MMM-LA Global, the branch with international status and opened for participants from around the world just with one condition - entry to the Personal Office from Brazilian IP!
    To do that, you need to use a VPN, Proxy, and other safe ways to change IP. To know about differences between VPN and Proxy read this topic.

    The main characteristics of the MMM-LA Global:

    Interest rates:
    30% - Classic Mavro with a growth of 30% per month.

    Registration bonus:
    If the PH-amount in excess of $ 3000 - $ 100 registration bonus

    Referral Bonus:

    Leader bonus:
    5% from the first line, 3% from the second line and so on in all depth of your structure

    Providing Help by Bitcoins you get an extra bonus of 3% of the contribution.

    Another characteristics and features of MMM-LA Global are listed in the thread:
    MMM-LA Global - Main features of the branch
    Also, get in touch with the latest news of the branch, listed at the section:
    MMM-LA Global - English

    For the complete tutorial (with screenshots) of how to start to participate in MMM please follow the thread: MMM-LA Global - Tutorial

    So, your next steps to participate in the MMM are:

    1. Create a new Bitcoin wallet for participation in the MMM-LA Globala.
    The most popular online wallet can be registered on In the wallet you will find a Bitcoin address that you should write in your Personal Office after the registration in the MMM-LA Global.

    2. Send us a request for registration in the best Team of the MMM-LA Global. This can be done by different ways:
    - by our referral link
    Insert [email protected] at the "Your Guider’s E-mail" field.


    After registration you can knock to our skype for adding you to our Team Chat and getting support.
    Additional ways of registration:
    - by clicking MMM Registration ( link in the navigation bar of the Forum. The link leads to the place where you can create the registration request to the "MMM-LA Global Support Team" Department. In the request, specify:
    • Your nickname. Your name (or nickname) must be chosen close to the Brazilian. It can be easy done by the links number 1 and number 2
    • Your email (not previously used in MMM) from international mail services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or from local Brazilian email services.
    • Would you like (or not) to purchase and participate through a private Brazilian Proxy
    3. Participate in the MMM! :) And we know that MMM-LA Global is the final step further to the new Global MMM branch - the New Republic of Bitcoin. So don't waste your time, join the MMM Global now!
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    Awesome idea
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    Most of us in Indonesia trying for using VPN to get thailand ip adress. And fortunately we succeed in getting GH in MMM Thailand . So we are very thankful to MMM Thailand which "forced" us to know what is VPN use for .
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    Wow nice one
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    You are really doing great dear.
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